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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Yah so, There's this.

Inertia. Inertia is defined as "the lack or absence of nertia." According to the Oxford to English dictionary.  Without which I totally would've flunked my Freshman Oxford class.

Lack of nertia is one good reason I've been a bad bad blogger. I've also had limited computer access. Also there was a bird attack and I'm hungry.

We were in Maine over the weekend. It was quite lovely despite the rain. We stayed with the Aunties and had a wonderful time and we were informed by the Peanut that she likes them "the best" this weekend. So now the Peanut lives is Maine. We'll all miss her very much. Except for the Pman because he got her much larger bedroom. 

Speaking of my daughter . . .  I've mentioned more than once that she's tiny and she's had some eating issues. She eats much better these days especially at dinner. For those with problem eaters we can finally dispense some advice. 1st:  Bribery. We usually use a small Entermann's chocolate covered donut. She gets it if she clears her plate.  Tiny kid would eat a 24 oz steak stuffed in an angry warthog for one of those things. 

The other method is a game of shark or misdirection. The Peanut will have who(m)ever is sitting next to her hold the fork as if they're the one eating the meal. Then she'll tell us "You watch the news/baskeball/tv/look over there. Then when we look away, she takes the bite and we are to act as if we have no idea what happened to the food.  Or we say she's a shark and she's eating somebody we know. Creepy, but effective.

I like these methods. They're fun. However, I worry about what will happen when she gets older. I picture her in college, her college roommate eating a steaming bowl of ramen. 

Peanut: Hey. You watch the news

Roommate: What? No. 

Peanut: You watch the tv

Roommate: I am watching the t--What the fuck are you doing? Don't eat my food!

Peanut: I'm a shark!

Heh. College.

And you are pretty much all caught up. 

As far as being a bad blogger goes, mostly I'm sorry I haven't been commenting on all the blogs I follow. I am reading most of you, I'm just doing it on the Nook, which is not the most writing friendly device. 
I will stay up late tomorrow and try to catch up. All right. That's it.  I'm going to bed.

PS. Most of you know, my wife's a teacher, so go Wisconsin workers, Scott Walker is a dinkleberry. 


  1. No apology necessary. Feel for you.

  2. Your absence doesn't need an apology (but I do miss your posts). I don't even have kids and I have internet access all the time and I'm not even here as much as usual. I'm blaming it on the sunshine.
    Happy to hear Peanut is eating more. Bribery works wonders :-)

  3. I think New England may have had all of its nertia washed away. I know there hasn't been any around here. Although, the sun is out today - I hope it doesn't get scared away by all the crazy people standing on their lawns waving arms in the air. What? It's only me out there?


  4. I've missed your posts, but I know life with kids can get hectic. Glad Peanut is eating a little better. It's supposed to be a better weekend this weekend if you're thinking of coming back to Maine.

  5. I remember back in the day when I used to have to be bribed to eat.

    That was a lie...

  6. Yea, that whole inertia thing is a bitch. Sorta had a version of it too. Comes and goes. But then there's Peanut, who is clearly way smarter than the average shark.

  7. Wait, the Nook gets blogs too? Did not know that. I do read some on my Kindle.

    Bribed to eat? Interesting concept.

  8. Entemann's donuts are the devil's tool.

    Go Satan!

    Good to see you again.

  9. I'm partial to those tiny powdered sugar crack balls myself. Mmmm...crack balls.

    What? I don't know. I got a book to finish on my nook. We could be nook friends, but I'm reading a lot of zombie stuff right now, and not everyone loves zombies like I love crack balls.

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  11. Blogger has gone mad! To post a comment I had to open a new window because the thing said this was for your protection. From me? Pfft.

    Just wanted to say hi and I've been a nonblogger too. It's going around. Hopefully not everyone I love will get it at the same time.



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