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Thursday, January 19, 2012

To The Salt Mines!

I approach 2012 not trembling from the weight of Mayan prophesies. Nor do I bow to the inevitability of the slow descent into an American Dark Age brought on by Baby Boomers and their parents living past a hundred, a culture of corporatism, an education system that teaches only how to fill in little oblong bubbles with a number 2 pencil, politicians who give roughly the same amount of a fuck about their constituents as alligators do about toads,  and a mainstream media made up mostly of JC Penny underwear models and "pundits" who get their info from rain sticks and the bones of a crow cast upon the ground just so.

Why do I not fear? Why do I not bow? Mostly because I'm filled with hubris and stiff joints. But also because I have procured a job. My first such in 2 plus years. And for this one I had to go on not one, but two interviews. I can't say the name because while PIPA and SOPA seem to have been defeated, there by saving the internet from censorship, a person can still lose their job by blogging about how the lunch room in their building always smells like bad fish.

If you really want to know, the establishment at which I will be gainfully employed is a purveyor of Foods that are not broken. Wink.

It's a part time job. Nights. 2 interviews for the thing. Still waiting for the 2nd background check to be completed.  But I was offered the job at a slightly higher rate of pay than they usually offer newbies. And I accepted. And I believe the background check will come out clean. There are a couple of blackouts in my past so I'm not 100% on that, but I'm pretty close.

We decided to do it so that we could dig out of a little of our debt while still being able to provide stuff for the kids like ballet class and gymnastics class and swim classes--a mostly potty trained* Pman started his first swim class two weeks ago--and a pop up camper and an Iphone. For the Children.

We'll see how this goes. The last job I had--driving the zamboni--went ok, but it was less of a commitment. Very close to home, less hours, and my family could come in and hang around sometimes. Sure, they got checked against the fucking boards if they even thought about chasing the puck, but hey, that's family time.

So please, any readers that might be left out there, wish me luck as I ride back out into the fluorescent lit darkness of the work-a-day world. I'm nervous. It's been a while and I can't wear my sweatpants.


*I'm pretty content with "mostly potty trained" at the moment. That's all any of us truly become, after all.

Also, being from the Boston area, I just have to mention: Fahckin Marky-Mark! What the Fahk dude? Just the thought of him trying to whip out some hollywood movie star martial arts moves on trained, desperate, terrorists makes me grin like a loon. "Oh Yah? You wanna fuck with America? Well c'mon you Bahstads. lets see what you got?" And then dead.


  1. Good luck and remember, after about 2 weeks it will seem like you've been there forever. Oh. And if they call me when they are doing the backround check, I promise I will deny everything. Peace.

  2. Congrats on securing a job...they are not that easy to come by in this economy. Good luck.

  3. Good luck out there! Try not to break any food. :)

  4. Hope your return to work goes great!
    And Marky-Mark... the poor thing seems to have lost his way and his marbles (or in Boston speak... his mahbles!)

  5. YOU DROVE A ZAMBONI? That makes you a god here in Canada.

  6. Seems like all the DC guys are becoming gainfully employed. Seems like that site has more magic than I once thought.

    Break a leg, buddy! The industry needs more workers like you. (Just so you know, they do not allow high-sticking in aisle 4.)

  7. Best of luck back in the working stiff life! Don't get caught with your hand in the bulk trail mix.

  8. In another window on my computer, I have a job application open for a second job. Is the fact I'm reading your blog instead a sign that maybe I'm not qualified for this job? Perhaps. Congratulations on yours!

  9. In another window on my computer right now, I have a job application that I've been filling out for the last 30 minutes. Instead of focusing on that, here I am, reading you. I'm a harder worker than this would seem to indicate, but I might need you for a reference! Congratulations on your job. Hope it's been going well.

  10. Thinking about you...pulling for you...and I'm only a little green with envy over the discount aspect of you working at my favorite store!


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