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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Be a Mensch, not a Gonif.

Hey. This guy right here runs a 5k soon.

Whoops. I meant this guy.
He goes by Always Home And Uncool And this is how he actually feels about running.
But he's doing it anyway because of this girl.

Who could blame him? She is his daughter and she is fighting a rare and often deadly disease called Juvenile Myositis. Which is why I bring all this up. See the bar near the side of the top of this post? Click it, donate 5 bucks to cure JM by October 12th, and support AHAU's run, and I will go on twitter and retweet whatever you want. I repeat whatever you want.* I promise I actually have some pretty influential followers on there, so you never know who might see and enjoy your particular brand of mishegas. 

*Must be legal.


  1. Thanks for using only photos showing my best side.

  2. And I will also retweet your message. My tweets are very popular among the SpamBots.


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