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Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Greatest F*cking Giveaway in the History Of Forever is All Over!

The winner:

Cheryl at Deckside Thoughts.

Thank you to all the other entrants. Rest assured, you were part of something beautiful.

Also, please rejoice for the luck that befell Cheryl today. She is a really nice woman whose house currently smells like the inside of a boot. The inside of a boot that has been worn for 55 days straight. So, you know, she could use the prize.

Thanks again folks.



  1. You already know how much this means to me and my husband. While it's not the *Knucklehead Award, we're both thrilled. I've already designed a pouch to carry the candle really close to the boot. I love living on the edge.

    Please be sure to wrap the chocolate in plastic so it doesn't taste like the candle.

    *I stole that award months ago, just waiting to drag it out to surprise you some day.

  2. Congratulations Cheryl I know you will enjoy it, I have a few around the home and love them.


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