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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Hasta Maine-ana

I went to the lake to say goodbye.

The autumn breeze cleaned my lungs.  Dragged playful fingers over the lake’s surface, rippling the water.

The sun had begun the decent that would soon hide it behind the foothills along the Sebago.  It painted a gold streak from one side to the other.  It hurt my eyes to look, but I had to. 

A single sailboat rode across the sunbeam, the illumination making its white sail translucent. 

The fall foliage was exploding fireworks in the background

I mean, are you shitting me?  You cannot make this stuff up.

Beautiful. Ridiculous.  Nature is so cliché.  

Thank goodness.

We went to Maine to visit the amazing, hilarious, and beloved Aunties.  They always exceed the hype we lay on the kids leading up to the trip.  They rock.  

We also went to the Fryeburg Fair.  There were cows and rides and fair foods and all manner of fair-y goodness.  There were fat people engaging in unseemly acts of self-indulgence.  I sadly shook my head at them but they couldn't see it behind the two story double-scoop waffle cone and roof shingle sized slice of sicilian pizza I was eating.  Poor fools.

While there the Peanut made two requests.   After visiting the steers: "I wish I could have a cow like that."

After riding a kiddie ride that consisted of little metallic cars:  " I wish I had a car like that."

That's when I told her to get a job.

Had a great time.  Glad to be home.  



  1. I used to live in Boston...and loved my visits to Maine. Sounds awesome...nice post: charming, sweet, HM.

  2. Ahhh, Maine. The way life should be but seldom is. I've missed all the fairs this year. It's the only time I eat fries. Must remedy that.

  3. The Fryburg Fair is the one to go to; it's the largest one in Maine. And you're right; nature paints beautiful pictures this time of year in Maine!

  4. Glad you had a good time fella. XD

  5. Hahaha. I bet that was gratifying! Was it your first time telling your kid to get a job? =p

  6. Damn, you're a good writer, son.
    I've often told my kid to get a job if she wants more in the way of goods and services. She continues to balk at the prospect.

  7. I love fair food. They don't do fair food in France. I hate them.

  8. Maine has always seemed like this far off land of mystery to me. Oh, wait it IS a far of land from me. Maybe that's why.

  9. I want to go to the place in Maine where they have the big pumpkin festival - you know, where they hollow out these giganto pumpkins and use them for boat races.

    Maine's okay, if you like colorful fall foliage and dramatic sunsets and gorgeous water views and all that. Me, I love the smell of bus exhaust in the morning. NJ - it's in my blood.

  10. Haha aww, I can't believe this was 3 weeks ago!!!



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