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Friday, January 14, 2011

Decisions decisions, and Leave a Comment, you.

Over on DadCentric, I posted the story of how we told the Pnut about the passing of our oldest cat Xiu Xiu The Eldest. 

The cat took the big catnap a few days before xmas. 

Yesterday, we went out to a shelter to look at cats. Kittens and young cats. We didn't go to pick out a new cat and bring it home, just to look. 

I think I can best explain what happened next by letting you in on this conversation between My Wife and the Pnut.

"I want on of those little kittens."

"I know honey, but those kittens are too small to bring home because your brother is still a little too rough."

"But I want one.  We can leave Pumpkin Man here and take the kitten."

So . . . 

This is Matilda. She's 5 months old. She practically threw herself at us. At the shelter, the kids were on her like fire ants on a wounded wildebeest, and she did nothing but purr. The decision was out of our hands, really.  

Praise Jesus and Pass The Catnip

Cute Pics Ahead:

The Pman made it home too. They work together to find the guard's blind spot.

2 Peanuts

Bonus Snow Pic:

The shoveling involved here, well, just, fuck. It is pretty though.

Finally, today is national de-lurking day. So for any readers of this blog who usually read it like this:

Please, come on out. Leave a comment.  It will be very much appreciated. 




  1. i hate lurkers. and by hate, i mean i love them when i notice a new visitor on my widgit. and then i immediately roid rage out when i see "No comments are awaiting moderation."

  2. So, folks like me don't have to leave a comment, right? That's good 'cuz I'm all out.

    Oh wait. I lurve Matilda. Who in hell picked out that name?

  3. I'm not really a cat person... I mean at all, but I really like their eyes. weird I know.

    Anyway... Happy De-Lurker's Day!

  4. The kitten is cute. Unfortunately I'm allergic to cats, and I hate litter boxes. But I do think kittens are adorable!

  5. Darn it, I have a perfectly good 6 month old kitten here, and I would have delivered to MA.

    Hmm, did that comment sound a bit stalkerish? 'Cause I really don't want to know where you live, I just want to get rid of the kitten!

  6. We have no pets. I do not want any pets. My daughters wants something that she can cuddle with, yet leaves no defecation behind for her to clean up, ever.

    Again -- I'm considering a robot.

  7. Hey, I'm not a cat person, but that is a cute kittie. And she took it like a "wounded wildebeest," eh?

    That's a nice putty cat!

    hee hee

  8. That's some serious snow right there! And great cat, by the way!

  9. That snow picture made me so glad I live in California. I do have to shovel out from underneath small children though. We don't have a kid-plow.

  10. I'm surprised by all the non-cat people. I know they're aloof, but they are the lowest maintenance pet. No cage, no walks, no barking, no bathing, minimal clean-up, and they work for a living (haven't seen a spider in years).

  11. Darn it, I missed Delurking Day again. I need a button that says Day After Delurking Day, I guess.

    So jealous of that snow...

  12. I posted last night-wish I'd known about Delurking Day. We had a similar experience this summer. We'd found a dog online and went to meet her, see if she would be a good fit for the family. Of course, there was no way we weren't bringing that dog home.

  13. That is one adorable kitten. I definitely needed a cut fuzzy pick-me-up today. Thanks. =)

  14. I want a kitten. Rull bad. This post is making my ovaries ache, and I haven't heard from them in ages.

  15. pass the catnip indeed. back to lurking.

  16. Hey I forgot about lurkers! Maybe someone is actually reading my blog and I should post something new... Re cats: my husband is the kitten whisperer and at one point we had 5 cats. After the cats destroyed 2 toasters, a basket of potpurri, and my husband's work boots via urination and the added bonus of finding cat puke at least twice/week by stepping in it barefoot, we are down to one kitty.

  17. Hi Lurkers! Thanks so much for de lurking. This is the best day in history.

  18. You do have a pink house! And that's a sh*tload of snow! Get those kids shovels!

  19. Don't know why, but De-Lurker Day reminds me of s Leif Erikson Day on SpongeBob SquarePants.

    I *love* the Praise Jesus pose that cats perform -- awesome photo, awesome cat!

  20. Still reading! Congrats on your new cat. We can never "just look" when there an open spot in the family.


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