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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Parent Teacher Conference

I went to the Parent teacher conference last night. Just the Pnut's teacher and me, locked in a room prepared to battle to the death over who knows what's best for my little girl. She had brass knuckles. I brought a halberd to the party.  As the saying goes, "Never bring brass knuckles to a halberd fight."

It went well, actually. She opened with the line, "I feel like we don't even need to have this conference." 

I didn't let her off that easy, but it was a good way to start. Apparently, the Pnut is doing very well. Her class work is great, her homework is great, she's polite, and so forth. She is still shy, but it's improving. 

For my part, I asked lots of questions, including "is there anything else we need to be working on at home?" and "You know she's a genius right? A delicate genius.  Say it!"

I'm a mess. 

In other news, I am participating in the 2nd annual Knucklehead's blog-off 2011. It's sort of a bloggy American Idol. I'm obligated to participate this year as last year, I crashed the contest without an invitation. Mr. Knucklehead was very gracious.

This year's (felllow) competitors:

There will be voting involved in this contest. I will post all the necessary links. Posts will be on Sundays starting Jan. 9th. If you have time, scroll around, do some reading and voting. These are all fine bloggers and I am happy to be associated with them. 



  1. What the heck is a halberd?? Glad Pnut is doing well!

  2. Way cool choice of weapon! She didn't stand a chance with her puny brass knuckles...

  3. "Delicate genius." Love it. I go into every Parent-Teacher with a weird mix of excitement (Please tell me my child is the highlight of your teaching career) and trepidation (Please don't tell me she fits the profile of a future hair-chewing psychotic).

    What is this Knucklehead Blog-Off you speak of? Must investigate.

  4. Look forward to reading your Knucklehead posts and voting for you. That was how I found you last year :)

  5. A halberd is a medieval weapon, the crown jewel of the pole arm family. Imagine a spear with a spiked axhead on the end. Very kinky. The pope's Swiss Guard still have them.

    there's actually a late entrant to our little blogmagheddon; Cardiogirl -the honey with the funny

    Anyhow, I shall look for your pink banner on the battlefield. Halberds welcome, but of course so are lightning bolts.


  6. I already feel bad for the teachers that will eventually have to conference with me about my delicate geniuses.

    I totally didn't have to google "halberd" at all. As far as you know.

  7. I didn't have to google 'halberd' either. Honest.

    Delicate geniuses must be treated with kid gloves at all times. Or until they're 6. Whichever comes first.

    Too freakin hung over from anesthesia to check out this Knucklehead thing right now. Will go manana.

  8. Hey! I lived! And hurt like a bastid.


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