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Monday, December 6, 2010

The 4 Horsemen of the Chanukahppocalypse: The Conclusion

When we last left our hero, he had his hands full. Of puke.

Will our hero's daughter ever have a normal human digestion process ever again?

Will our hero's son please stop climbing that right now? And don't spill water. Don't spill water!

Ahh fuck it. Spill water.

Will someone come and take the aforementioned son off of our hero's hands for just like, an hour or 2 weeks?

The Chanukah miracle lasted eight days and was declared a holiday.  It seems as though this stomach bug the Peanut has wants it's own holiday too.

Until today.

Today, it broke.

Judah Macabee himself came down from Mount Olympus and put the kibosh on the virus.

Tomorrow, she goes back to school.

Today, as I predicted, I wailed on both kids in a dreidel session. I spun gimel, after gimel, after gimel.
Raked in I don't know how many Cherrios.

It got so bad the Peanut started cheating. Instead of spinning the dreidel by its stem, she'd pick it up in her fist, fix it so the gimel was showing, and drop it on the floor.

Her first attempt to cheat at gambling. I'm very proud. My little grifter.



  1. You are a good dad, teaching important life skills at an early age. We also help teach our grandkids things that they will need to know. Like our Grandson Nate. My husband helped him learn 2 new words. Cocktails and Camels.

  2. I don't even want to see the insides of your head. Really. Grifter? Gotta love it.

    Since we're sharing, one of my niece's first words was ficky-f**ky. Kinda makes me teary-eyed and a wee bit maudlin.

  3. That must have been a very special moment. But, really, soon she's gonna wise up and want to play for more than Cheerios. She'll want the real stuff - Skittles, say, or M&M's.

  4. I love the mental pictures I get of you and your kids....warm and fuzzy!

  5. So glad your little peanut is feeling better.


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