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Monday, December 20, 2010

Danger: Pumpkin Man Approaching

The Pumpkin Man is trouble.

The Pumpkin man is a rolling, tumbling, rock slide of bruises and consequences.

The Pumpkin Man is a screaming, crying, pulsing head wound

The Pumpkin Man is a sentient avalanche, the Bulls when they Run, an imploding building.

The Pumpkin Man is the word "No" screeched into the Grand Canyon a thousand times.

The Pumpkin Man is an insidious whine that often implicates his sister in a crime she didn't commit.

The Pumpkin man is an armful of dark, rich, forest earth. The kind you can taste on the air.

The Pumpkin Man is a little stinky.

The Pumpkin Man is a drum beat you can feel in your gut.

The Pumpkin man is a bear cub with no knowledge of the winter.

The Pumpkin Man is a grinning Eric Carle sunrise.

The Pumpkin man is some of the hardest laughs I've ever had.

The Pumpkin Man loves the ladies. And it is so reciprocal.

The Pumpkin man has the charisma of joy.

The Pumpkin Man is a surprisingly strong hug from the universe that says "You are loved."

The Pumpkin Man is 2 years old today.

Happy Birthday, my loving, crazy, hilarious, sweet, intelligent, clumsy, moon headed boy. We love you.

Homemaker Man
Mrs Homemaker Man
The Peanut


  1. Happy birthday to the Pumpkin Man!

  2. Happy Birthday to the adorable-sounding Pumpkin Man!

    You have so many fun years ahead of you, and then he turns 10.

  3. This line - 'The Pumpkin Man is a grinning Eric Carle sunrise.' - makes me grin. Happy birthday to your Pumpkin Man!

  4. Very nice. Very, very nice.
    In 16 years, right before he's about to graduate from high school, make him sit and read this.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. dearest pumpkin,
    happy birthday,
    and may you
    never know winter,
    my little cub.
    love, mommy

  7. Happy-happy-happy birthday to the Pumpkin Man!!!
    sorry I tend to repeat myself when I get too excited!


  8. two years and counting
    days tumbling by so quickly
    celebrate P-Man

  9. Happy birthday to the Pumpkin Man. Awesome tribute. Loved it.

  10. Nice. I hope you save your 'Ode to Pumpkin Man' and give it to him when he's older.

  11. Beautiful. Just thought I'd let you know. Nothing more to add. Except "Happy Birthday, PM!"

  12. I love birthdays. Even if they are not mine. Of course I love mine the best, but I will share that love.

    Happy Birthday to The Pumpkin Man!

  13. What a great birthday post. I don't do them anymore bc I can't think of anything good to say. This was awesome! Happy birthday Pumpkin Man (a wee bit late)...and I loved his mommy's comment the best.

    :) Monica


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