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Monday, February 22, 2010

I Wonder if They Get Crabs

Overheard as we left for food shopping at our local super market, Market Basket:

Peanut:  We goin' shoppin'?

Me:  Yes we are honey?

P: At Masket Basket?

Me:  Yup, at Masket Basket.

P: Can we see the lobsters?

Me:  Yes we can.

P: They swimmin'.  They swimmin' evr'ywhere.

Me:  Yes they do.

P:  They have legs?

Me:  Yes, and big red claws.

P:  And big 'ginas.

What the fu. . . imagine that?  Big giant lobster vaginas.  Frightening.  I believe the Vagina Dialogues is at least partially in response to potty training.

In regards to my last post, thanks again for your helpful responses.  I got some good advice on how to handle these offers if it happens again, and Alice In Wonderland provided this link that leads to some pretty lousy reviews of csnstores.  It looks like they're shady.  Fuckers.



  1. They can most definitely get crabs.

  2. Big giant lobster vaginas. I think there's an SNL skit in there somewhere

  3. err...Wonder how it looks like, more description next time please! the VJJ lobster that is~

  4. I never thought about lobster vaginas before...nor will I ever again! (did love the snappy snatch commentm, though!

  5. Never though about lobsters like that before!
    Now I'll be thinking about lobsters for the rest of the day!

    No problems about helping you out. I just check out these places that I think could be a bit on the iffy side. I've been ripped off too many times in the past!
    If you need any help, then just give me a shout, I'm always pleased to help out.

  6. lobsters have vaginas, makes sense, yeah but that image, kinda glad I don't eat that stuff. Is there a lobster speciality with their vaginas as the main ingredient?

  7. I knew a lobster vagina once. We are no longer friends. Couldn't take the heat.


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