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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Because I should post more often . . .

Today is one of those days.  I am tired. The kids slept like two crank addicted tween girls with tickets to a Justin Bieber concert the next day.  I just found out the washer--which resides in my recently cleaned basement-- is broken.  I believe there is a clog in the water pump.  I am going to try and fix it.  This is like someone from the 1800's seeing a space shuttle for the first time and saying "I believe this is a flying machine.  I am going to try to fly it."  Disaster is imminent.  The only reason I know it's possible to fix is because this has happened (twice) before and the last time the repair man took pity on me.  He told me how to do it.  All you need is a socket set and a screw driver.  I think I have a screw driver.  I do not own a socket set.  It's going to be all Flowers for Algernon in my basement tonight.  The beginning and the end, not the middle.

 Also, I just spilled half of a gallon jug of olive oil on the kitchen floor. How do I clean that up?  I'll go rub it in with my socks until the wood looks polished.  Hold please . . . there.  The floor looks and smells delicious, and my feet feel really funky.

On the plus side, my daughter--who should be napping right now--is walking around in a pink and white long sleeve t-shirt, underwear, and pink winter snow boots and repeating loudly, "Natural History!  When you come to the 'Useum of Natural History (unintelligible rambling) . . . "

A quick and tasty side dish:  roasted cauliflower and corn with olive oil, thyme, a little garlic, lemon zest, and parm cheese.  yummy.

Finally, I lost a follower a couple of days ago.  I gained a new one, so the universe retains it's balance, but still, I was surprised.  I'm not sure what I did wrong, but whatever it was, I hope they were very offended.

Livin' the dream,

Homemaker Man


  1. You actually pay attention to your follower count?

    Most people follow me privately. What the hell does that say about me? ;)

  2. That's funny stuff.

    Hope tomorrow is better man.

  3. Candice- Yes. I mean no. I mean yes.

    James-Thanks man. I'm sure it will be. Today wasn't so bad, really.

  4. SALT! Pour lots of salt on the oil spill, let it soak up the oil, and then sweep. Didn't you ever work food service?

    You are Jewish. You cannot fix that pump (or hose, or whatever). Give up now.

  5. I lost a follower a while ago as well... When I find out who it is, I'll track them down... Then they're in for it...
    Good luck with the water pump. You've checked there isn't a Dog in the Water Pipe? Ah ha ha ha...

  6. I, too, take it personally when my Follower count goes down. What? That post about the reuben sandwiches was so offensive that someone had to make a statement?

  7. i'm always more surprised when my follower count goes up....

  8. Cat litter. Cat litter. Please, let this comment not be too late. Kitty litter is the way to take care of the olive I'll finish reading.

  9. I hate losing a follower. Like you, I wonder, did I offend them? Did they get bored? Was it 'cause I didn't shower that morning?

  10. Followers are interesting and all, but I'm more concerned about your daughter's fascination with the Museum of Natural History. What's that all about?

  11. Please don't forget to turn off the electric power before fixing your appliance ok... We still want you here next week!
    I think you should get your own, I'm sure you have regular readers who are not even on 'followers' list! Anyway why do the call them 'followers' at the first place huh~ so biblical???
    ~Great evening guys!!

  12. You clean it with your paper towels ;P

    When can we go to the Useam??? This sounds like a fun place of edumication.

    Call my dad about the sockets--we all know he has everything!!

    Love you guys! Let me know if I can help you in any way!!

  13. I thought the socks on the wood floor sounded like a good idea, although I wonder how clean the socks will get later.
    Good for you, tackling that washer problem, and good luck.

    Maybe you should keep those socks on for that job, in case of leakage- two birds with one stone?

  14. SC What? And waste all that salt?

    PB How dare you . . .

    Jill That happens here, too.

    Viv It's too late!

    Eva That can't be it. I haven't showered most mornings

    Chris- I was told later this evening that you can go to the Useum of
    natural history to "camouflage yourself. I don't know what she is trying to hide.

    L-Thank you. I did.

    Tek-Love you too, we're ok.

    Linda- Hi Linda! Great idea. Like the oil on a duck's feathers.

  15. I spilled an almost full container of sunflower oil once, a little tipsy, trying to make breakfast at 3am. Trying to clean it up was an interesting process.
    This is hilarious... "slept like two crank addicted tween girls with tickets to a Justin Bieber concert the next day". The Boyfriend sleeps like that sometimes, which is funny, because I didn't even know he liked Justin Bieber.

  16. Oh, and I forgot, lots of pink houses in Mass. A ridiculous amount! Everytime I drove past one (not on purpose - wasn't cruising around, looking for pink houses) I kept waiting for a guy with a paper plate head to pop out.

  17. You clean up spilled olive oil with a crusty bread and a little hill of sea salt. Duh.

    When my car breaks down, I always open the hood. I'm looking for a bright red blinking reset button. It could happen.

  18. What is this magical "washing machine" you speak of? I've been driving my Maserati down to the river to wash my dirty clothes.

    And by the way, where can I get some of that crank for kids? Mommy needs time to watch her programs...

  19. SL Hey! This mean you're home? I thought at some point I heard the faint strains of La Vie En Rose waft by my door.

  20. Glad to see you're back! :)) I've missed your posts... I love when you talk about your daughter she is too funny!

    Hope you get your washing machine fixed.. i am LOST with out mine.. :)

    As for the olive oil.. that only made me hungry... for italian. odd...

  21. So did you rub the cauliflower on the floor or did it fall there and you go, "Say, I have a recipe just for this!"

  22. Throw some salt down on the olive oil soaked floor. Let it sit for a minute and then sweep it up. After that, I'd say scrub with Dawn dish detergent (because it takes out anything). Or have pretty floors. However you roll.

  23. Dude, how in the hell did you clean up that olive oil?

  24. I had to cave and ask the kids who Justin Bieber was, my punishment is being forced to watch the Nick Kids' Choice awards...they are all pretending they can't hear me plead for my crutches or the remote.


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