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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Almost Alone

It's just me and the boy.  I had to come home from vacation to tend to the cats and fish (and Chicks and ducks and geese better scurry).  I left my wife and the Peanut in Maine and drove back to the broiling heat of the city last night with a snoozing Pumpkin Man for company.  The Peanut couldn't make-up her mind about whether she wanted to stay there or come with me.  The P-Man was much more decisive:

"You want to come home with daddy?"


"See the cats?"


"Xiu-Xiu and Cordie?"

"ZooZoo n' Cor-dee"



And that was that.

Awfully strange.  This is the first time my little family has been separated over-night since ever.  I guess the PMan and I could take some time go and have a boys' night out..  Watching sports, and punching each other in the face, and hunting, and punching the deer in the face, and drinking beer and serial killing.  You know, guy stuff.

Unfortunately, we don't really have time for most of that stuff, and I'm a bit of a girl.  Instead, we'll do our chores and get the hell out of here for a few more days.  It's smelly and hot and quiet and we both miss Mommy and the Peanut like crazy.

The full Homemaker Squad will be back on tuesday.  Then I'll tell you about Bath, ME and my worst decorating faux pas.  It involves macaroni and cheese.  And pumpkins.

Also, please vote, if you haven't already.  Cure Jm.  Currently ranked 12 with 6 days of voting to go.


  1. So you came home on a surrey with a fringe? Safe travels back - looking forward to hearing about it :)

  2. You've had some great weather at Sebago...hope it continues for you!

  3. You and the P-man had the perfect opportunity to start your own Fight Club this weekend. Ah well.
    (Or maybe that's what you did do, but can't talk about it. First rule, and all that.)

  4. Damn, the comments were as funny as the post. I hate waiting for Tuesday or later to hear about whatever mess you made.

  5. My husband and sons just got home from a two-day Man Excursion. They brought home various fossils and such. Of course, that's what they're calling them. To me, they're rocks.

    Rocks I now feel I must now go investigate for dried blood particles, hair, and various other DNA samples. If what you're saying about serial killing is, in fact, true, I've some things I should probably get in order...

  6. My husband wouldn't get wild and crazy if he and our boy were on their own either. He would probably whip up some casseroles and sterilize the bathrooms. That's how he rolls. :)

  7. Knock back some PBRs and reminisce about your glory days.

  8. Sounds like fun. My friends and I don't do the punching each other in the face anymore. It just hurts us. Everything else on your list still works because that just hurts... everything else but us!


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