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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Creepy Halloween Post. I promise.

The following is something I whipped up in my cauldron for the All-Hallows Eve celebration.  A  few creepy, crawly, Halloween verses to get things off to s spooky start, ya pagan bastards:


He’s a creepy, crabby, craggy old man
Got rings on his fingers, a tattoo on his hand.
He’s got spiders astride him, in his hair, on his clothes
Which are dingy and dirty, threadbare old robes.

He eats all he eats with his mouth open wide,
Unspeakable rottenness churning inside.
The sludge tumbles out in great glops from his maw
And the stink would leave dung beetles choking in awe.

His teeth are worn down, greasy, gray nubs
And his plump lips they squirm, like swollen pink grubs.
The voice, when it speaks, speaks in gurgles and creaks
It screeches and bubbles and the words seem to leak.

His eyes are corrupted, milky and white.
Still, this glutinous gaze cuts through the night.
The sights that he sees are the best and the worst.
He scoffs at your fortune, savors your hurt.

He’s come here for you; he’s been here forever.
As old as the stars, as rash as the weather.
Immutable, inconceivable, impossible, ordained,
Welcome him now like the wind welcomes rain.

P. S. The title is not solid.  I'm open to suggestions.  


  1. Love your rap name!

    Love your verses ~ such talent!

  2. Idea for a title: "Uncle Ted is Coming to Babysit."

    Very creepy indeed.

  3. How about "Death Approaches"....I like that. Ominous.

    Very good work, there!

  4. it? Is that the right thing to say about some pretty darn grotty words written in creepy, well-done verse?

  5. You did a great job capturing the essence of my college boyfriend. Who knew we were so six degrees!

  6. You certainly painted an ugly character with this one!

  7. How about titling it "Him".... I like it but it scares me. DO more Dr. Seuss!

  8. I love it. And I'm all creeped out now.

  9. Dig it. I actually like the title because I could imagine Tom Waits reciting this.

  10. I think you should actually mention the fact that the protagonist is in fact a zombie.

  11. I'm too scared to come back until after Halloween.

    Good stuff.

  12. That was some fabulous seasonal wordsmithing.

  13. You totally had me at eating with an open mouth - then solidified it with the use of the word sludge. Quite frightening. Well done.

  14. Usually I'm an email guy, but I just wanted to say hi and thanks to all the new comment-ers and to Nick, while not my original intent, I love that interpretation.

  15. Isn't that Billy Gibbons singing Jesus Just Left Chicago?

  16. How about "Don't Knock on That Door"?


  17. It's always good to know that you're always open to suggestions! Have a FUN Halloween with your family!! hugsss*


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