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Friday, November 26, 2010

Movember Musings and Tryptophan Dreams

Did everyone who celebrates out there have a good ThanksGiving? Good.  Ours went well. I cooked a 13 pound bird for two adults and two toddlers. It's about the spectacle, really.

This will probably be our 2nd to last Movember update.  As a reminder, Movember is November Mustaches against prostate cancer, you can donate here at the DadCentric team page, or at my very own Movember page.  Thank you.  

I really like the Movement the Mustache has shown over the past couple of days.  It seems to respond to it's environment quite readily.  Perhaps it's becoming sentient? We can only hope.

Without further jibber-jabber, Thanksgiving Stache:

Mustache, you've outdone yourself this time. Pumpkin Pie. Festive and stylish. And let me tell you, sitting here right under my nose, it smells delicious.  I mean, really good.

I wonder if . . . no, I shouldn't. But if I can just get my tongue . . . mMmm, Err, oh yeah that's Mmmph, (smack) so good (smack).

Oops. I think I shouldn't have done that.

Yep. It's Pumpkin Hitler. Of course, if his mustache had been anywhere near that delicious, I think we can all agree things would've gone much, much differently.

And yes, those are pie crumbs on my cheek. Sometimes, it pays to have a paper plate for a face.

Have a good weekend folks.  

Homemaker Man


  1. I prefer the terms autocannibalism or autosarcophagy.

    Those smaht folks ovah at Wiki had this to say, "A certain amount of self-cannibalism occurs unwittingly, as the body consumes dead cells from the tongue and cheeks."

    I think they really meant tongue in cheek, don't you?

    I miss the glitter.

  2. I personally would find a pecan pie mustache more irresistable!

  3. I always knew that hubs was using that 'stache to maintain a stash of snacking materials for later.

  4. This update was vaguely disturbing.
    I posit that your mustache was at its most awesome when it was holding its own laser blaster.

  5. Pumpkin pie makes me want to yak, however, it looks good on you!

  6. I like the pie stache. Good choice on the pumpkin as Pecan would have been a bit too sticky and probably would have caught some stuffing in it.

  7. I must admit, you sort of lost me at moustaches and prostate cancer. What is the connection again? I mean, aside from the obvious Jeopardy response: "What are 2 problems only men have?"

  8. Pie mustaches? Pie mustaches?! YET ANOTHER REASON why I sometimes wish I was a dude. Not a man. A dude. I think there's a difference. I'm just not sure what yet.


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