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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Seeee Yoouuu . . . in Moveehhmmmberrr

So here we are, Day 17, more than half way through Movember and I've updated but once.  I'm sorry. Not the most effective way to fight prostate cancer, I know. I had to wait until this grew in a little before I posted more pics.  I do have some pride.

Especially since I contacted the AMI--that's the American Mustache Institute--about admission into their whiskery ranks.  I'm still waiting to hear (fingers crossed!) but I think with my mustache's latest developments, I'm a shoe in.  Plus, on the entrance exam where they ask "Why do you love your mustache?" I answered, "because it fights cancer."

With a little luck, I think I may even be in the running for The Robert Goulet Memorial Mustached American Of the Year.  Though between you, me, and the mustache wax, that award should be named after Sam Elliot. I mean, really now.

And I know the name a few of you are thinking. Fuck Rollie Fingers.  Sounds like an arch pedophile.

Ok. The afore mentioned mustache developments. I know you're curious out there.  Without further folderol, The Stache':

That's right. I've grown the Chewie.

Here's a better look:

Yes Chewie, you had a question?

Totally baddass, I know. I didn't think I had it in me.  This is post a good trim, too.  When I first woke up this morning, the thing was way intimidating:

Killer Stache'

So there you go folks.  I gotta think this level of mustache is worth at least a small donation at either the DadCentric team Movember page, my own page, or just at the Movember website in general.

Chewbacca Stache' vs. Prostate Cancer.  Cancer doesn't have a chance.


In other news, my wife has been working awfully long days lately (for those of you who think teacher's hours are easy, you are wicked wrong.).  Sometimes she checks this space to see what's up at home.
Honey, we love you and we miss you like crazy.  We can't wait until you get home. We've all misplaced our pants.




P.S here's a pic to get your pulse raising, my darling:

Sun kissed Stache'


  1. That is one bad**s mustache! How cruel of you to post a picture when your wife can't race home to you! Or maybe she did?

  2. WOW~Very Picaso!
    there's a new vaccine being developed now to fight cancer cell~ hope it's a BIG success, exciting time I'd say!

  3. Hmmmm Is that a chocolate mustache? 'Cause it sure looks like a chocolate mustache!

  4. Your mustache comes with its own laser blaster. Who's jealous? Me.

  5. THANK GOD you clarified what your mustache is made of because I must admit, when I first scrolled through this post, I thought that was...well, I...I simply can't say what I thought that was.

    After I recovered, I fell into a deep jealousy because your mustache gets to hang out with tiny plastic Han Solo. Trust me, that's far better than what I was originally thinking.

  6. You're doing a great thing for prostates everywhere. BTW, be sure and check yours monthly.

  7. I had the same thought as FADKOG at first. She's the 12 year old boy to my dirty old man. Um...that sounded all kinds of wrong. ...oh shit I know what I mean.


    (That's Wookie for Awesome!)

  9. hahahahah i love your blog!! and really, you can't beat the 'stache'!

  10. I'm with FADKOG and Vapid Blonde. I know what I saw. That Chewie doll you tossed on afterwards is just a great big cover up for what it truly was.


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