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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Post Christmas Post

I'm sitting here trying to decide which horrible basic cable movie I'm going to watch. It came down to Crocodile Dundee 2 and The Grudge 3. I settled on The Grudge 3 but my wife is in bed and the music is too scary, so you get a post. 

I did almost watch the Little Ceasar's Bowl on ESPN, but it turns out it's NOT an all little people re-enactment of the gladiatorial battles of Ancient Rome, so eff that.

Christmas was fun fun fun this year. Both kids were old enough to appreciate it. The Pumpkin man doesn't get the whole Santa thing, but about 2 days after his bday he was apparently suffering some serious withdrawal as he went into the play room, looked at the Christmas tree, threw back his head and bellowed "I WANT PRESEEENTS!"

So he enjoyed himself.

The Peanut is totally into the whole Santa scene. On Christmas eve she made sure I called him to tell him how nice she was being. I did. We talked. I was lucky to get through.


For parents with both tv's and young kids, DVR's are the way to go to combat Christmas commerce and commercialism. I have completely convinced the kids that commercials are "yucky, stupid, and disgusting." They beg me to fast forward them.

Hence, when we asked the Peanut what she wanted Santa to bring her for Christmas, she replied, "A teddy bear."  That's it. That's all.

Love that kid.

I made homemade cookies for Santa this year. We put three of them out for him. He ate those and then proceeded to go into our kitchen and decimate half a platter of them. Fucker.

Ok. I just found All The Right Moves on the tv. Now I'm busy. Tom Cruise pre-Scientology (and Lea Thompson pre-whatever happened to Lea Thompson). He looks so sane. My spell check only recognizes Scientology if it's capitalized. Stupid brainwashed spell check.

Goodnight, happy holidays, and thank you thank you all for reading and commenting and whatnot.

That is my sentiment for the year.

Homemaker Man

P.S. Microwave Popcorn goes surprisingly well with a 6$ Trader Joe's Sauvignon Blanc. A little wine/food pairing tip for ya,


  1. Scientology is capitalized like any other Psychotic disorder. That's what I'm thinking. And chocolate chip cookies with dark chocolate chunks go very nicely with the Trader Joe's cabernet!

  2. Santa sounds a bit like me when it comes to cookies. If I'm within a half-mile radius of freshly baked home-made cookies, I'll find 'em and declare them mine.

  3. I suspect that you'd better go light on the popcorn after all those cookies!

  4. LOL! You almost made me pee my pants! I greatly appreciate your blog. It makes me laugh at work and my co-workers hate that I'm laughing and they aren't. I suppose I could share with them this blog, but I'm feeling rather selfish and I really don't like them all that well... But again, many thanks :)

  5. I would like to suggest you the writing tool that you may want to try... where it's not just a spell checker, but also a grammar checker, style checker, etc.


  6. You make me laugh man. Well done. Anyway, Lukas doesn't watch any commercials either so that is a nice thing.

    Happy belated Christmas. Hope it all went well.

  7. "I did almost watch the Little Ceasar's Bowl on ESPN..."

    thank you for making my mouth all hungry for Little Caesar's crazy bread. now i'll never fall asleep.

  8. I see invention of the DVR as one of the top 5 inventions of the world. Of course the invention of the remote and the MUTE button come close seconds. I don't like commercials, and I surely don't like hearing commercials for kids stuff!


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