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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Salad Days

Vines Entwine the World

Scented leaves like soft green hands
stroke my legs, my stomache, my face
Dirt and lemon, greens and sweet
herbed Gardens where sage does
not have to wait for thyme

Lo, how the fruit of long waits
and slow suns grows ripe and plump on
careful waters during carefree days

Life is breathed into the Earth and the Earth
breathes life back into me and it sustains me.

In other words, look at this big fucking zucchini!

We grew that shit. In our garden. Organically.*

Here are some pics for perspective:

Next to an actual tomato

Compared to an actual ear of corn**

Won't fit in this Frying pan.
Next to the cat.
 And a couple of before and afters of the vegetable garden.
Ayuh. Might be a haad season heah. 

And Demeter doth smile upon us and provide us with stuffed zucchini boats.
We especially did something right with this box.
This one probably got splashed with the lion's share of the virgin blood.
Along with the zucchini and summer squash, we've done multiple pea harvests, the herbs have been giving all summer, and it looks like the broccoli is getting close. The kids have been eating everything as fast as we can harvest it. It is so cool (and such a relief) to be able to type the word harvest without having to add the words "illegal" and "organs" next to it.

Bonus Pic:

The PMan escapes back into the forest from whence he came.
That's it for now. Tomorrow, we're off for Storyland. It's our first trip there. It's a small but vital city located halfway between Dictionopolis and Digitopolis. Everyone is hella excited. And by hella I mean wicked.

*As far as we know. No telling what was added from the local environment. These gardens could be purely the result of a mix of diesel fuel and the smoke from a tire fire.

**Not an actual ear of corn.



  1. This is . . . indescribable. All I can say is thank gawd the forest is carpeted. If you need an awesome recipe for zucchini bread, please let me know. If you need more corn-shaped salt shakers, don't be afraid to ask.

    According to legend, Storyland is really halfway between the North Church (where Paul Revere warned the British with bells and warning shots) and Quebec (which envisions itself becoming a separate entity from Canada, a situation not unlike that between your Commonwealth and the islands of Martha's Vineyard & Nantucket). M'kay?

  2. And once you cross the border, the term is "wikKID" or "wikKID pissAH" depending upon your level of excitement. Maybe you'll blend right in with the natives.

  3. Or it could be wicked awesome! And probably will be.

  4. Wow! Your garden doth produce produce big time! Great looking zucchini!
    I've been to story land with my grandkids. Your kids will love it, and tomorrow is supposed to be a more comfortable day. Have fun!

  5. Cheryl, we ARE looking for an awesome zucchini bread recipe! Thanks!
    Mrs. Homemaker

  6. Tumbleweed, it's flying through cyberspace as I type. Enjoy your day tomorrow.

  7. You should hallow it out and make it into a guest house. We'll come visit and take in Storyland while we're there.

  8. There you go again, bragging about the size of your growth.

  9. Have you considered planting the kids, seeing if you can make them into giants? Not that I endorse any plans to use giants to harass your enemies or frighten the elderly...
    Nice gardening though, and good work getting the children to eat it!

  10. Did you lift it skyward and proclaim that you doth grew this beast? As you might imagine, I informed the zucchini I just purchased from the grocery store that size doesn't matter, but it took a peek at that beauty and is, as you might imagine, quite jealous.


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