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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hello? Hi.

So where were we? Last we spoke, we had taken the kids to Storyland. It was a fantastic time. The Peanut rode every ride. She loved the scary ones. They had a really decent little one ring circus. The re-creations of the fairy tales were great and the lines were never too bad. We got there two hours before closing time the first day, which was perfect because if you arrive to the park late in the day they give you tickets to get back in the next day. So you can check a couple rides out and case the joint for tomorrow. We spent a total of ten hours in the park and saw about 97 % of it. All in all, except for the racism, it was really an excellent time.

Storyland is a little racist. A smidge of racsim. A shmear if you will. A splash, a dollop, a pinch, a half-teaspoon of good ol' all -American caricature style racism.

Case in point, they had a log flume type ride. It was asian themed. Going with an asian theme for a log flume ride when you're located in the heart of the White Mountains is in itself a little suspect. The ride was entitled Bamboo Shoots (get it?) and the "bamboo" shaped car was adorned with the head of a screaming panda on the front. The cheesy chinese restaurant music, the giant chopsticks, etc. etc. All things that would've been at least mildly offensive to a family that was not quite as focused on the fun.

Then we went on the Pirate ship. That took us out on the water and pass a land entitled "African Safari." Picture little plaster renderings of "African Children." Renderings that more than likely were old lawn jockeys outfitted with dreadlocks and colorful but worn clothing. They played on nets, among trees, and outside a broken down jungle shack.

Good times.

The kids really did love it. And the mountains were amazing. If we ever get it together to bug out of the rat race, that may be where we're headed.

We were only home for a short time before we left for another week in Maine on Lake Sebago with the amazing, the wonderful, the lovely and loving Aunties. We swam almost every day, hiked through the forest primeval, and ate copious amounts of corn on the cob and frozen custard. Life is good.

I would've posted before we left for that trip, but there may or may not have been an accident involving the computer and some vicious gangbangers.  And a rioting London teenager. Whatever happened to the computer, it had absolutely nothing to do with my spilling a cup of hot tea all over the keyboard. Why would I do that?

Anyway, how are things with you?


  1. Wait. You went to Maine and didn't drop by for a cuppa? Next time you head up I-95, the least you could do is shout out your windows when you hit Exit 3. Sheesh. Some people's dads.

  2. Sounds like you had some great vacation time. The weather certainly has cooperated! Glad to see you back online.

  3. My husband spilled hot tea on his lap top. We submerged the whole thing in a deep pan of dry rice for three days. It works now.

  4. Oh and since that actually didn't happen to you, I'll also say, which I'm sure you didn't experience, since no tea was involved in your blog-land absence, that my kids learned some really interesting vocabulary at the time. So if it ever DOES happen to you, look at it as an educational opportunity.

  5. There's no getting away from racism. Think about it. The president lives in The White House.

  6. I think you and I have the same blogging schedule. Also, I'm just getting home from a place called Adventureland. I rode something called the Derflinger. That's German, right? Good thing I got off that thing and blamed the Nazis for the stomach pains it left me with. Damn Nazis.

  7. Racism in amusement parks? The world is just a sad, sad place. :)


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