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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Pickled Kitteh

This is Ivy Pickles


She is an asshole.
She spends much of her time living either in the shoe tree or in our food like some sort of huge, blue-eyed, boll weevil.

She is fiendishly cute and cuddly.
She will steal your heart right before she steals your sandwich.

This is Ivy Pickles.
And she is an asshole.

In other news this:

What stars shine and fade and shine again in the sky; warming upturned faces with the glow of patriotism writ loud upon a black canvas? Why, those would be fireworks. I fucking hate fireworks. 

You can read more over at ever lovin' DadCentric

Happy Independence Day.



  1. A siamese by any other name would do the same. Gotta love 'em.

  2. Adorable asshole that cat is!

  3. You still need to update your list of players-especially since this one is one cute playa!

  4. She does look like a little bastard. Best of luck with your furry new addition.

  5. Here's my Poem.

    Cats. Cats. I hate fucking cats.

    Their assholes are visible as they prance around, saying "here take a look at my lovely brown eye "

    Die cats. Die.

  6. I'm loving that cute, cute kitty. :) And, I hate fireworks too, it rains every frigging year in the Sunshine state, making it a miserable experience which scares the crap out of the dogs and cats.

  7. Someone finally said it. Thanks.

  8. I used to hate fireworks, until I saw them reflected on the upturned faces of my chirruns.

    I do hate cats though.


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