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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Back from Vacation

Hey Blog.  Got back from vacation late wednesday night.  We were at the above.  

Sebago Lake in Maine. 

Pretty sweet.  My 8 month old boy, the Pumpkin Man, really enjoyed his time in the lake.  Or he hated it.  I'm not entirely sure.  He's 8 months.   What he demonstratively enjoyed was being doted on by the three women (my wife's aunt and 2 cousins) we stayed with.  Chicks dig the Pumpkin Man (his nick name is the Pumpkin Man only because he is round, fat, and orange and at night we scoop out his insides and jam a candle in his face so as to backlight his menacing grin.  Zing.).  Out of the week were on vacation, he must've spent about 16 total waking minutes not in someone's arms.  

And we're talking the arms of a 49 year-old women who never had a boy, a 22 year old kindergarten teacher, and an 18 year-old with a yen for all things cuddly.  Kid had a harem.  

Vacation was amazing.  We were out of the city for a heat wave, the lake was incredible, and my wife and I constantly found ourselves without children.   Instead of immediately running away, which was obviously the wisest course of action, we just kept sitting there and going, "we don't have any children.  Our children are not with us.  You don't have a baby.  I don't have a baby.  Hey honey, where are the kids?  I don't know!"

Very relaxing and wonderful.  The above mentioned women are generous and loving and fun and great and I feel lucky to be a part of their family.  

Getting home was not so amazing.  We came back having to still deal with Kevin and Fat Tony, do some serious yard work (the yard looks like a Vietnamese jungle), an ant invasion, and de-spoiling both babies.   S'good to be home.

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