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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

One Big Fat First Day

Today was the P-nut's first day of pre-school.  She did great.  There were no tears.  From her.  My wife and I did slightly worse.  But not until we got to the car.

It doesn't help that after we sent her in, my brain decided I needed to listen to a loop of "Welcome To The Jungle" for the next 45 minutes.  Especially the "you're gonna diiiIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEe,"  part.

Add that to the two donuts I demolished for breakfast, and I'd say I'm coping quite well, really.

My wife had to go back to work today too.  So now it's just the Pumpkin Man and me staring at each other and going, "Whaddya wanna do?"

"I don't know.  Whaddya you wanna do?"

We'll figure it out in short order.

The final first that occurred today is, I posted my first piece at DadCentric as an official Dadcentrician.  I am proud and humbled.  They are a group of really good writers but even better than that, they're a group of really good dads.

I think.  I've never actually met any of them in person. This is the internet.

Anyway, if any of you who are still reading have a chance, please go and check it out and tell me what you think unless you hate it.

Thanks all,

Homemaker Man


  1. Can't wait to hear about all the stuff you and Pumpkin Man get up to...
    I have visions of Ferris Bueller dancing through my head

  2. Congrats to your little girl! I'm dreading these days! I have four more years to go before school starts for my little man.

  3. Peanut started school....before you know it you'll be walking her down the aisle!

  4. Yea. The kids are fine, and we are emotional wreckage. It's deeply unfair.

    Congrats on joining the DadCentricians! They clearly made an excellent choice. Heading over there........ now.

  5. I opted to go to DC first so I could witness the carnage. Drat! Foiled again.

    Good to hear you're coping. I understand donuts are the way to go when emotions run too high and deep. (High and deep doesn't make any sense to me whatsoever. How can they be both? Maybe you and Pumpkin Man can ponder that for a bit.)

  6. Hope everyone else's first days were successful- yours certainly was!

  7. These days, I'm most freaked about knowing my oldest kid will graduate high school in five damn years. Five. That's insane. I mean, the kid can't even remember to brush his teeth every day, and I'm expected to unleash him upon the world in five years? Brace yourself, world. Seriously.

    Hope she had a fantastic day. Tomorrow, I suggest painting your face blue and screaming "Freeeeedom!!!" after drop off. Drive a bit before you do, though. It's bad form to do it in the drop off line. Also, wear something old because when you cry (again)(you might), you don't want that face paint ruining a perfectly good shirt. Take it from me.

  8. Did you remember to pick the kid back up?

  9. Oh man I can;t wait to send them off to preschool.....simply can not wait. Of course they will be missed, but I'm holding onto the freedom....

  10. Of course, they're all good guys over at DadCentric. Everything you read on the internet is true, right? I mean, really, if someone writes it down, it totally must be real :)

  11. Congrats to you all. Big milestone there.


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