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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

You Lucky bastard (s)

When the good (purely conjecture) people (assumption) at approached me with a giveaway I said "Beso, eh? Spanish for Bassoon. I'm in." When I was informed that Beso was not Spanish for bassoon--or my second guess: peso.-- but rather that it meant kiss, I waggled my eyebrows suggestively and then checked with my wife.  She rolled her eyes hard enough to cause a class 3 multi-vortex tornado.

Turns out is not a kissing website either. So, after dropping the lawsuit I had filed for false advertising,I went and checked out the website. Place has mad good deals on fashionable clothing. I (again) assume. Last time I bought fashionable clothing for myself, "fashionable" meant "flannel." What I do know a little about though, is what looks good on babies. A subject that Beso has covered in spades. Tons of cute stuff for reasonable prices. Tons of cute stuff for reasonable prices that you can buy with the 25$ gift card to the store of your choice that you can win right here. Well, down there in the comments and over there on the website, really.  For disclosure purposes, yours truly will be receiving a 25$ gift card for doing this giveaway on the ol blogarooni. I'm gonna spend it all on Swedish fish. Or baby pajamas.

Here is what you have to do to win:

1. Create a Beso account, if you haven't already {takes 3 seconds}
2. Enter the BesoHow many cute things can $1000 buy?” sweepstakes.
3. Then leave me a comment below with your Beso username

I must say, it took me nearly 6 seconds to create an account, but I type slowly. And after perusing (Spanish for using) the site, the answer to question #2 could very well be "a shit ton." 

Beso informed me I could require of youse (youse guys? I never get that right. Youse' all, maybe?) any extra entry tactic that I choose. I will take it on the honor the system (no proof necessary. I believe in youse.)  that those of you that enter will for a period of one (1) week day, wear a reasonable facsimile of my paper plate mug over your own face as you go about your daily business.  I know I can trust youses. es.

Good luck and God bless the United Plates of America.



  1. My Beso username is buttfuck.

    Has a nice ring to it, doncha think?

  2. I have passed the need for little kids stuff; let those with little ones vie for the gift card! Glad to see a post from you again, though!

  3. Oh Candice, please let that be a true story. Hilarious!

  4. I'm vying because they have crap for big kids too. I have my eye on a sweet swim suit. I haven't bought a new one in a bazillion years.

    I'll be wearing the plate with eye, nose, and mouth holes. Pictures to come.

    My username is decksidethoughts. Original I am not.

  5. I seriously almost pissed myself laughing at Candice's comment! I hope that's really her username!
    My username is fashionwhore.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Oh well, turns out I can't win... Good luck everybody!

  8. Tekietek says the BABYBJÖRN All the way!


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