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Monday, August 29, 2011

Peanut Definitions

Operator- One who sings opera. Example: "Pumpkin man, I'm an operator. Are you singing opera? You're an operator too!"

We put on a little PBS to get through the rain today. Il Trovatore (which is italian for "Sick Trovatore") was on. I heard the movie version will star Vin Diesel. Shortly after that, one of those freakish, eleven year old girl opera singing phenoms came on. You know, the ones that took all the jobs from honest, hard working castrato.

That's when the Peanut really got interested. After getting over her jealousy ("no, I don't want to watch it!" she lied as as she stared, transfixed and mildly drooly).

For the rest of the evening, opera held sway. From the Pman's faux Italian bellow (Meemaaabeebipmeeemooo!) to the Peanut's high pitched keening. Her's was a lot like the form of Chinese opera known as Dan (Danny, to it's close friends). Only not so tuneful.

 Ah well, there's always dance. Which I wrote about here for Dadcentric, not coincidentally.

Hope everyone else on the east coast rode out the hurricane as well as we did.



  1. G-d love you for putting up with that sound.

  2. You might want to be careful what you expose Peanut too...maybe avoid Cirque du Soleil.

  3. I'm with dbs; definitely no Cirque du Soleil!

  4. Too late. She saw a one ring circus at Storyland and out of the blue spent the entire day today doing a circus act in her bikini because, "The circus girl showed her belly."

  5. Good lord, I could only listen to like 10 seconds of that shit!
    I would've covered her little mouth with duct tape.

  6. The only opera (with words- we only listened to the music) my kids saw were Mr Rogers' operettas. 25 years later, I still find myself singing "Wicked knife and fork" and "I just want to be a potato bug, potato bug".

    Good times.


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