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Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Warden

Saw my friends tonight. One it was his birthday. One, I hadn't seen in years.  Both, I don't see enough. We're going to try to remedy that. The Peanut wasn't happy about my going out tonight. She got rather upset. I bargained with her. Told her I'd bring her a surprise in the morning. She cried, " I want Daddy for a surprise!" 

Right? I know. Manipulative son of a jackal*.  I told her I'd be home before the morning, when it was still dark out. She replied with a pouty face and a determined grimace, "Just go and say hi and come right back."

"Okay," I said. You've gotta hop on a good deal when you get it.


*We use son of a jackal around here because time was I said son of a bitch way too much and the kids picked it up. Ironically, the Peanut said son of a jackal at school last year and she got in trouble for it anyway. Because the Man is always trying to keep you down. That son of a jackal.


  1. Sweet. I prefer "son of a bee sting."

  2. I can give you the Hebrew term for it, if you'd like...

  3. Poor Peanut! Daddy gets her in trouble!

  4. I taught my nephew to call idiots, Jack Wagons... my sister is not amused.

  5. I say 'Christ on a cracker.' I'm pretty sure that's getting me through the gates faster than some of those other crashers.

  6. I have been consciously replacing asshole with apple. "ugh, that driver is a total apple!

  7. It's all just horsefeathers anyway

  8. Wow, poor Peanut has one hard-ass teacher. Did you 'splain to the hard-ass that it was a Jewish thing?


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