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Friday, December 11, 2009

My daughter: Confused Patriot

I dvr'd the Celtics game last night.  So this morning I have it on in the background as we go about our day.
My daughter looks up and sees a close -up of this man:

Picture of Ray Allen courtesy of

She asks, "Daddy, What's Barack Obama doing?"

Mmm hmm.  I answer, "Right now he's missing the open J and getting beat off the dribble."

At least she can say "Barack Obama ."

A couple new readers who posted comments.  I just wanted to thanks for reading and commenting.  I would thank each of you in the actual comments section, but I feel like that artificially inflates my comment numbers, and I'm lazy.

I will visit and read and comment on your blogs soon if I haven't already.



  1. Well at least she knows who he is and didn't confuse him with Tiger Woods. Poor sap!

  2. My daughter is 3, she calls our President Uncle Obama Mama...I fear for the day the Secret Service knocks on our door...

  3. HFF-right? The answer to what he was doing would've been very awkward.

    Erin-That is hilarious. My daughter used to call him President Obum-bum.

    Viv-I love having kids.

  4. HM, you need to get that on tape!! It's totally an America's Funniest Video's winner!


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