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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Please don't heart me and Christmas Magic

So I've been seeing this a lot lately <3.  In blog posts or emails or what have you.  I learned that when you type that into facebook, it becomes a heart.  I do not have a facebook account, but the Peanut Man does, and mad chicks are always heart-ting him.

But it's not a heart when you type it other places.  When you type this: <3
in other places, it's a set of testicles.

I don't mean to be snarky.  I just don't want to feel like I'm getting tea-bagged every time I read your message.

So please, stop putting your e-balls on my e-face.

Thank you


I have a new (to me) piece of Christmas trivia.  It seems that in Panama, children don't address their Christmas correspondence to Santa.  They address it to : Baby Jesus, c/o St. Peter.*

I like that they aim high.  Why write to Santa for a bike when you can write to the Baby Jesus for a set of wings or a bike that can read minds?

I don't like that it's c/o St. Peter.  Baby Jesus can't read his own fan mail?  He just let's his manager send out form letters.  "Dear your name here,
Thank you for the letter!
B-Jeez appreciates and loves each and everyone one of his fans.  After all, without his fans, does he even exist?  Many regards blah blah blah etc.  "  And then an obvious signature stamp.

And St. Peter. ?  He has to work the door, keep the lists, and answer the fan mail.  And probably do the taxes and fill out the insurance forms.  Poor St. Peter.   Eternity's bureaucrat.


We're trying to have Chanukah and get ready for the P-man's b-day sunday and Christmas next week.  So I've been trying to stay organized.  With the two babies and everything else, I've been making todo lists.  Today, I crossed off laundry.  And then I just laughed and laughed.  Two babies.  Laundry is never done.


We went to a local Zoo tonight.  Every year they put up a ton of Christmas lights and they have rides and Santa and live reindeer.  Which the Peanut got to pat.  Awesome.  I should have pictures eventually.
She would not pat Santa.

With the Holiday spirit,

Homemaker Man

*I can't speak to the accuracy of this.  I got it off the Christmas music channel on the tv.


  1. The heart thingy is genius no?!
    The zoo trip sounds so delightful...hope you can post some photos one day...
    Santa still freaks me out sometimes...childhood trauma, still trying to heal!

  2. Baby Jesus can be such a diva at times.

  3. As a fellow SAHD, I laughed to myself when you crossed laundry off of your list. Then you redeemed yourself by noting that "finished laundry" is an oxymoron. Nice save.

  4. So, um, if Santa letters are addressed c/o St. Peter, what happens to the letters that are simply addressed to Baby Jesus? And who reads them? And what are they about?

    That's creepy

    Oh yeah and this is for you <3's a carrot for goodness sake!

  5. S.C.-I know, right? They must import it.

    L--Well, the reason I don't have pics already is because I forgot our &*$%! camera. So we have to rely on someone else. As always, I'm a moron

    A.H.A.U.-You know he totally makes St. Peter separate out the green M&Ms. Even though he could just turn all of them green himself.

    N.D.-Hi! Thank you for commenting and following.

    T-A carrot with balls on top?

  6. I must not have anyone that hearts me, as that <3 thing is news to me. Although, I did splutter and studder yesterday to come up with an age appropriate reason that I refuse to buy white asparagus.

    My husband's favorite gripe? "You're always doing laundry, can't you just do it all and be done with it?" Usually he asks this question when I am holding my reflux baby, because, at least *I* can appreciate the irony.

  7. You could just wash one out of every 3 things of your husband's. then you get less laundry and he gets a fun new game. Fortunately for me, Tumblweed is pretty understanding about the laundry.

  8. Sweet! I kinda like that. Pretty sure that paired socks will never be washed together again.

  9. I have this constant feeling that I'm ALMOST finished with the laundry, but your post confirms it. With 3 kids and a man who runs marathons...I will
    (heart)- just kidding!

  10. I'll never look at the heart thing again without thinking of testicles.

    Now I really AM a pervert.

    Thanks a lot!

  11. LOL!!! I laughed out loud when I read this! I just loved it! Why write to St Peter when it's St Nicholas who is the patron Saint of Children?
    Or Santa Clause, depending on where in the world you live.
    I take it that you have read my post! I'm English through and through, except for the branches of the far flung family that live in America and Australia, but I lived in America myself for a while, well, if you can call 10 months a while!
    I am the one to blame for using LOL quite a lot, but I have never, ever used <3 before! I don't think that I'll ever look at it in the same way again now!

  12. You said "tea-bagged." I nearly fell off my chair laughing...

    And "Eternity's bureaucrat"?? Complete winner.


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