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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Beach day

We had beach day today.  The beach is in a harbor and it’s scooped out of the rock.  There are huge boulders tumbled together.  They reach like muscular arms into the water and they make a 20 ft high wall behind us.  A rocky hug.  If you were to scramble up that boulder barrier to the rear you come to a field of grass and trees that grow right up to the edge.  One old oak spreads it’s branches protectively above the soft sand, providing shade for a third or more of the beach. 

There are nooks and crannies to explore and big, pitched, boulders slippery with sea-water to slide down. 

We swam and stumbled in the cold Atlantic and threw rocks into watery crevices and collected shells.  Sand castles were built and destroyed and half-way built and destroyed again. 

Knees were scraped, bruises were acquired and nobody pooped where they shouldn’t.

The kids were so sandy it chafes me just thinking about it.

I don’t know if the beach was dug out by glaciers or worn by the ocean or both. 

No punch line here.  Just a fucking really good day. 

Homemaker Man


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  1. Hey Homemaker man. You did good for your family today. Sounds like a day of beauty and appreciation.

  2. Nice day. And not just because there were no unauthorized poops.

  3. Nice to get through a beach day with no one pooping where they shouldn't!

  4. Awesome! And yeah I hear ya on the sand. How it doesn't bother kids is beyond me!

  5. I was going to compliment your classy writing style, then you tossed in the naked trash removal thing.

    You forgot that I will also make omelets au natural.

  6. My good days envy your good day.

  7. Sounds like the perfect beach day. Too bad you blew it with AHAU. I may go pander to see if he'll come make naked omelettes.

  8. Sounds great. Mine would have been great too, had it not been for the poop test.


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