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Friday, August 27, 2010

Meme Girls

I got this award from Cheryl over at Deckside Thoughts.  She's possibly a nice woman who spends most of her time careening around the internet leaving behind haikus and pictures and alphabet related musings.  And drinking a lot.  I can't verify that last one with any facts or evidence but, sufficeth to say,  it's probably true.  I just read it somewhere.

So I've gotta write seven things about me that I haven't written before.

1.  Despite what some people may think, I'm against dolphin on human sexual assault.
2.  I really used to like Mel Gibson movies.
3.  I think I would've liked being an opera singer.  If only I hadn't thrown out my voice singing Soundgarden tunes while I had a cold.
4.  I've never been able to really hold my liquor, but for a long time, that didn't stop me.
5.  I Love Top Chef and Top Chef masters.  I think I would've liked being a chef if only I hadn't thrown out my palate eating doritos with tobasco sauce while I had a cold.
6.  I'm positive Big was Tom Hanks' best work.  And also Bachelor Party.
7.  I love poetry.  I think I would've liked being a poet if only I hadn't thrown out my talent trying for 80 minutes to come up with dirty rhymes for the Name Game other than Chuck.  While I had a cold.

I'm passing this along to Paul Blanchard at Dog in The Water Pipe because it may make him squeamish.

That is all.



  1. You've
    thrown out
    a whole lot of things
    in your brief stint on this earthly plane.
    Hope you can start making some repairs soon
    to all of those parts
    so you can
    reach your

    Fibonacci code
    is the new haiku these days.
    Catch up already.

  2. LOL! Thanks for the Friday morning laugh. I totally agree....the movie Big was by far Mr. Hanks best work. He should have won an Oscar for that bit of brilliance :)

  3. I don't know. I kinda liked The Money Pit. :)

  4. Well, this post was worth it, just for the title. Also, did you ever see Volunteers? My favorite Hanks movie (and John Candy is fantastic in it)...

  5. It's unfortunate you never made it to Top Chef yo would had been the only one with personality and you could off been the guy quoting Bachelor Party while not holding your liquor. So, many what ifs'. I totally agree with regards to dolphins and Mel Gibson films.

  6. Nice, Internet fame is mine at last! Thanks very much, working on my acceptance speech now, since the squeamishness has squeamed down. Good to spy on your secrets as well :)

  7. I think of Mel as the black sheep of the family that everybody talks about now in hushed tones because he did heinous things that make the rest of the family look stupid for trusting him in the first place.

    Bachelor Party fan from way back when girls just started wanting to have fun.

  8. Holding liquor isn't my speciality, but it hasn't stopped me either. Bottoms up. :-)

  9. I think you probably have a lot of company with # 2. As for # 3, the same thing happened to Chris Cornell.


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