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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Hi Everyone

Sorry I've been reticent in my posting. It's been busy here and frankly, I haven't had shit to report. Until now.

We had a date night! It's been a very long time since our last one.  We even got dressed up a little. I ironed for Chreezy's sake. My shirt. Not my hair. Ironing is not something I'm into, but I did it for date night. 

My wife was feeling better after surgery (still not at liberty to say what the surgery was, but here's a hint: Snikt Snikt.) and we got a friend to baby sit and out we went. 

Of course, destination for romance was a wake, but still . . . pretty'd up wife, no kids, out with other adults, didn't have to cook dinner;  sounds like date night to me. 

The wake was for the uncle of my wife's oldest friend. It went how those things go. It was sad.  He was a very warm and kind and funny man who cared deeply for my wife and always seemed genuinely interested in and cheered by our kids and our life. 

It was awkward. We knew only the family of the deceased while most of the people who attended seem to know each other on some level. And at one point I found myself thinking about the pizza I had ordered for the kids and the babysitter and if there would be some left when we got home.  There was so, score there.

We got home before the kids got to bed, which was nice for our babysitting friend.  Then we watched the movie Kick-Ass, which was entertaining enough that I'm hoping to find a Hit Girl costume for the Peanut for Halloween. 

Hit Girl, kicking ass and not even bothering with names

As I type this, the date has changed from the 2nd to the 3rd and so:

Happy 4th Anniversary my love. Four years done and all rest of them left to go. Lucky for me. I love you forever and forever and forever. 


  1. Happy Anniversary!

    I've got to try one of those date nights sometime.

  2. Happy Anniversary and I'm glad you had a date night, even if the reason for it was sad.

  3. A wake and then Kick-Ass. Ain't life crazy?

  4. That's sweet. Glad you had an adult night at least, even if it was a wake.

  5. Sounds like a good time. After all, you weren't the one in the box.

    Happy Anniversary.

  6. The last date day we had was attending a tragic funeral but we also bought a couch that day - so there was a silver lining and it was a date..... and thats marriage. My hubby also would like our girls to dress as the kickass charachter for halloween. I'm not so sure...

  7. Aw... you really know how to show a girl a good time! And ironing on top of it? True love.
    Happy Anniversary!

  8. Leftover pizza? AND an anniversary? Dude, mega-score

  9. I have to go to a visitation Wednesday night. Thanks to you, I'm already thinking of pizza and know I'll still be thinking of pizza as I make nice with people I don't know, which is what I do. I go to visitations for people I don't know.

    Oh, OK, you got me. I don't actually go to visitations for people I don't know. But I do think about pizza a lot. Like right now. And again this second. I had sort of stopped thinking of pizza until I read this post. Well done, Homemaker Man. Thanks a lot.


    Oh, wait! Happy anniversary, too. Belated as it is, I hope four years and a few days are still being good to you!

  10. It's cold and flu season around here so we have NO idea what date nights are right now!
    Following from Boston Parent Bloggers - Hope you'll come by and say hello! :)

  11. I just saw the movie Date Night. You don't have to take it that far, but for your 5th anniversary, please try something that doesn't involve a dead person. You've got about a year to plan.

  12. Hey, just realized I missed wishing you a happy anniversary. Happy Anniversary guys!


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