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Friday, April 9, 2010

Signs you've been watching way too much Sesame Street

We let the kids, mostly the peanut, watch approx 45-50 minutes of tv a night, after supper.  The choice is almost always Sesame Street.  Often the same episode 5-6 times in a row.  I love Sesame, but it's wearing thin.  I realized this when I found myself telling my wife that the the character Baby Bear is an "arrogant douche bag."

There is a newer (as in sometime in the last 15 years) Character named Murray.  My BIL was over one night last week.  He commented that the character looked just like a "Hairy Elmo."

To my jaded ear,  that totally sounded like a euphemism for a weird sex act (i.e. the mythic and reprehensible dirty sanchez).

The short list of Sesame Street characters that could be sexual euphemisms:

The Hairy Elmo

A Bert and Ernie

A Grouch.  As in "Hey, I gave'er a Grouch. Right in da trash can!"

Flipping the Big Bird

A Super Grover

Hiding the Snuffy

Going around the Elmo's World.

Saying hi to Mr. Noodle

A Guy Smiley.

The Shiny Gordon.

If only I could convince my kids to watch House, V, Project Runway or Top Chef Masters, none of this would've happened.

I blame them.

Please feel free to add to the above list.

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  1. I'll take a Super Grover please.

    This might just be your funniest post yet, and that is saying a lot. You are one funny muppet,

  2. L ! M ! A ! O ! ! ! ! !

    Ha, you do need a break; why not try carebears or my little ponies? =P

  3. The Barkley shag?
    Singing Maria?

  4. Yes, too much Sesame Street...I think it's time to start watching some new cartoons!

  5. You are definitely suffering from Sesame Street OD. time to switch to Wow, Wow, Wubsy!

  6. I don't know about you, but I like to take it up the Snuffleupagus.

  7. Jesus Christ, Peg beat me to it. (So I didn't read the comments prior to commenting. Sue me!)

    Fuck you Peg and your similar wave length!

  8. I totally want to know what a Guy Smiley is. must have something taintish about it?

  9. Luckily my kids are now beyond SS b/c you have sullied it so for me. Good job.

  10. This may be Old School:

    Pokin' Miss Piggy
    Kermit's Frog
    Goin' Gonzo
    Me & my Mr. Beaker

    Mom of 2 (via Uncool)

  11. Hi, Mom of 2. Odd to have your 1st visit be today. Those are excellent. They are, technically, the Muppet Show characters and not SS. Except for Kermit. But those work wonderfully as well. To whit:

    Ticklin' the Fozzie

    Sniffin' the Rolph

    getting a Swedish Chef. "Mmm, Bork Bork Bork!"

  12. S.L. That's one of my favorites, too.

    T- why are you mean to me?

    P- Sure. Why not?

    Linda- I love the Singing Maria. The term, that is. In practice its pretty painful.

    MMN-We tried sponge bob, but that led to a nasty case of Square Pants

    Eva- That is the dirtiest thing I've ever read.

    C-Hold on now. I'm sure there is enough room up Snuffleupagus for everyone.

    AVB That makes sense. Guy Smiley is kind of a taintish dude, really.

    AHAU- Ooh I "sullied the Telly." Nice.

  13. That was too funny! I'm gonna get with my wife and try a few of these! I'll let ya know how that works out.

  14. Homemaker Man -

    Dang Hand Puppet Confusion......

    Mom of 2

  15. Damn, I want to try a few of those out...
    Max is interested in trying some with you, and also, in existing...

  16. The Wormie, A Tully, that's all I got. I can't concentrate over the background noise of Ni Hao, Kai-Lan.

  17. Hmmm...time to switch to Rainbow Brite and Fraggle Rock.

    You have also pinpointed what disturbs me about, "Saying hi to Mr. Noodle.'

  18. I will never view Sesame Street the same ever again.

  19. HA HA beat C upthegus!!

    I am really not too familiar with all these puppets - my kids weren't huge SS fans. I guess I was never really too much of one either. I personally prefer the string pulling (and spectacularly long nose) of marionettes like Pinoch-my-O

  20. A "Mr. Suffleupagus," please...

  21. Uh, getting kookie with the monster?

  22. Haha! You don't know what you might get if you Find Mr. Noodle.


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