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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

That Light Bulb Smells Awesome

Here is the deal: It's giveaway time. My first ever. And likely my last.

One of The Aunties from Maine has made available to the readers of this here online wordification depository (fancy!) one beautiful Scentsy Scents flame free Warmer and one grab bag of delectable wax Scents. I cannot tell you what is in the grab bag of scents. I will tell you that the kibosh was put on my own homemade contributions. The Ki. Bosh. They were gasoline and maple-garlic. Put it in the comments if you're interested.

I can tell you that we here in the Big Pink own the very version that one of you lucky folks is about to receive. I can tell you that yours will not be the one we own, but will actually be new. I can tell you that the warmer works via incandescent light bulb and black magic. I can tell you that the scents are very very pleasant. I can tell you that they last much longer and seem to cover much more ground than other warmers or candles or incense (hippies).  We used ours 2 days ago and the house still smells like a Citgo.

Probably it's good my homemade scents weren't included.

And I can tell you that the warmer looks like this:

The background and scent bar holder are not included but a sense of well being and oneness with Mother Earth definitely is. Or probably. Whatever you freaks are into.

Here's what Scentsy says about the product:

"Awash with pastel tones of pale green, yellow and fawn, handpainted finches poised on budding branches add a cheerful, spring-like feel to any room."

The shit is Awash, people.

Let me say, I would not do this giveaway if not for the fact that a.) The thing works and b.) in the interest of full disclosure, the Auntie in question is a Lead Consultant for Scentsy. Which is a naming trend I like. Gonna open an eyeglass store called Looky.

So anyway, comments please. Tell me why your house smells boring and the Scentsy Warmer is just what you need to inject some spring zing (marketing!) into your otherwise drab olfactory life. Or just tell me you want it. Drawing will be random.  Like my writing.

Good Luck and Godspeed.



Tweet the giveaway and link the tweet in your comment and get another entry.

 Also, if any of you already has a warmer and is just in need of more scents, click the one of links and help the poor girl pay off her college loans.

Or get her own apartment. Or have extra money to spend on my kids. Any way you look at it, rest assured you'll be buying from a young woman of integrity and awesomeness. Ok. Post over. Comment to enter.



  1. Does it kill mosquitoes 'cause I'm in if it does.

  2. Time to add PR consultant to your resume. :)

  3. I'm guessing your homemade scents mutated those finches since they sure don't look like any finches I've ever seen.

    Does the winner (and by winner, I mean me) get the orchid too? It's technically not part of the background nor is it the scentsy holder. I could use me an orchid right about now. And some cheer. And Spring. Oneness with Mutha Earth would be awesome too.

    To win, do I have to send you my name and address? If that's part of the deal, I also want some chocolate.

  4. After having the windows closed all winter, this place could use some "scenting up"!

  5. Do they make scentsy inserts for my dogs ass? Just curious.

  6. I have an 8 month old... and her diapers stink :)

  7. Thats beautiful. I've considered doing a giveaway, but I have nothing really of interest to give away.

  8. I done did me some tweeting.

  9. Anything to help my house smell more pleasant is a good thing. Thanks for the giveaway!

  10. Double bonus is they make great night lights! My kids each have one. Maybe about time I had my very own? Wonder if I could chop up the Yankee candle I love so much and use that wax?

  11. @dbs It does. Just wait til one lands, pick up the warmer, and whammo.

    @Viv. Time to get a resume'

    @Cheryl For you to win. you have to watch my kids for an hour or the weekend.

    @Eva Or some scent releasing . . .

    @Candice Yes

    @KSK You need a Scentsy!

    @Sue Okey Dokey

    @Brandy Rose. Just give of yourself, Brandy. Just give of yourself

    @Cheryl Excellent

    @Angela My pleasure, but don't thank me, thank the Scentsy lead consultant I mentioned above.

    @peg It's special wax, Peg. Special. But yeah, probably. You should probably talk to a Scentsy Lead consultant about the Yankee candle scent and see if she has anything similar. If you were to win, that is.

  12. Don't pick me. My house already smells like pee due to the not quite potty trained children and dog. And I don't know any good scents that go with that.

  13. With the windows being closed all winter and two large dogs lounging around this house just as long you can imagine the scent! :)

    I'm your newest follower from Boston Parent Bloggers, looking forward following you!


  14. We have cats. Don't buy into the "they are cute" bullshit. They are vile and smelly creatures.

    My house could use something to mask that reality.

  15. Great replies! Cannot wait to see who wins!!!!

    @dbs Like all candles, when a bug lands in the wax, it does kill them, so, technically… Yes, it could kill mosquitoes. However , if they were smart enough to survive, they would at least be easily detected by their delightful odors.
    @Cheryl I don’t think chocolate was part of the agreement…. Sorry =(
    @Eva, Good luck!! Go Maine!!
    @Candice – We are working on that… Just kidding.
    @KSK – if I knew your facebook, I would have tagged you here
    @Sue – Well said =) YW
    @Brandy – Let me know if you want to do a Scentsy Give away. I could make that happen… once I go back to work =)
    @ Cheryl – WAHOO!! I hear your birdies tweeting =)
    @Angela – Definitely will make your house smell better!
    @Peg – Yes they make excellent night lights =) how do you have one for each of your kids and not yourself =( So sad! You could chop up your Yankee candle, but it would take a REALLY long time to melt since Scentsy wax is designed to melt around body temperature, and candles require higher temperatures to melt. The good thing about Scentsy is for the price of 1 Yankee candle you can get about 5 scentsy bars that each last the same length as 1 yankee candle.
    @homemakerman – Thank you again!!
    @Jenny – go with something strong. VERY strong. Mochadoodle does the trick for my neighbor’s house that smells like wet dog and …. Bachelor.

    @Kristy Are they Great Danes? Just curious =)
    @James – we have two cats, and take it from someone who has actually seen her cat catch on fire--- flame free is the way to be =)

  16. I haven't seen that one so I will just go and buy it... Auntie and I have a great relationship... found her through your blog actually, she truly is awesome and on the ball!

  17. I'm in, but only because -- right now -- it smells like napalm in the morning.


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