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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

3.14 = Fear

The pie is cooked. If I had exchanged "The" for "Your" there, it would sound kind of noirish. "Your pie is cooked kid, see? You gotta scram and scram fast!"

The pie is cooked and now the waiting begins. And I question myself. Will it be good? Did I use too much sugar? Not enough? More spices, maybe? Why aren't I a better parent? What's this thing on my nipple? Why do we own so many fucking cats?  I've had difficulty with pies in the past.

I'm hopeful for this one. Apple, of course. I was hopeful for the last two as well though, and those ended up pie tragedies. There were angry, jonesing, diabetics picketing the house to ask us how we could do such a thing to pie.

But still I hope because as the Torah says, "Every ThanksGiving is a new chance to eat pie." Except, in Hebrew. Which I would lay on you cats here, but our keyboard doesn't have Hebrew keys. Anti-semetic keyboard.

Happy Thanksgiving bloggy people. Gorge well.



  1. I made an apple pie, too. The crust is broken. I had heaped the apple slices high, they cooked down, leaving the crust unsupported. It has 3 cracks in it!

  2. Alas for you poor Northerners - you have no Harris Teeter whither to go to buy delectable pies at holiday time!

  3. You need to keep trying until you get the perfect pie. With lots of tasting in between.

    Happy Belated T-Day to you and yours.

  4. Did you notice that 3.14 read backwards ( & as if it were letters instead of numbers) reads Pie? I think the guy that originally called it that was one of your jonesing diabetics. Hope the 3.14 was delicious! If not I have a great recipe for a pear/apple/cranberry that is the perfect sweet/tart/not goopy blend to share for next year :)


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