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Monday, November 7, 2011


We're finished. Screwed. A friend from my wife's workplace brought over the first season of The Wire Saturday night. We're now 8 shows in. I've moved The Pman's potty into the living room so we don't have to leave the tv and at 2pm in the afternoon in my house you can hear conversations between myself and the kids like, "Well sweetie, they had to kill him because he was a fucking rat. You gotta kill a fucking rat." I think the kids are handling it well. The Pman keeps telling us his name is Omar and the Peanut has us all using beepers.

We've been watching The Wire, and we're fans of Walking Dead. And, after one and a quarter seasons of the latter and 8 episodes of the former, I can safely say I'd much rather face a Zombie apocalypse than live in the projects of Baltimore. You know the difference between a junky and a zombie? Junkies don't crave brains.

Speaking of The Walking Dead, if anyone out there watches it, please explain to me how the farm girl who rode into the forest on a horse and exploded a zombie's melon with a baseball bat could suddenly get all squeamish while watching one get bashed in the face with a crowbar? Does not make sense. Show shit the bed on that one.

Too much tv around here right now, I guess.



  1. My husband and I finished the box set of the Wire a few months ago. It is without a doubt his favorite. And me, well I love me some Omar.

  2. I've got a Netflix/iPad problem myself. Latest flavor is "Breaking Bad." I watched ten hours worth in three days. It's turning me into a paranoid tweaker, but I can't stop watching.

  3. This dufus is not familiar with any of the above. But I am hooked on Prime Suspect and Revenge.

  4. I noticed the squeamish scene too, but I totally forgot about the zombie head/ baseball bat part. I hate when shows mess shit up like that.

    Are you watching American Horror Story?? YOU.HAVE.TO. It's even better than Walking Dead, I garontee.

  5. I have 12 episodes to watch in order to finish the entire run of 'The Wire' and after all this time, sometimes with IMDB open on the laptop next to me, I have no damn idea who some of these characters are, and I honestly feel like I'm missing something about whatever magic crack this show was because everybody loves it, but I'm all "Meh, it's OK, I guess. I mean, it's better than 'Two Broke Girls,' but what isn't, right?"

  6. I'm still catching up on the first 3 seasons of Breaking Bad.

  7. Best. Show. Ever.

    I got in trouble when Lukas was little and was carrying his stuff around the house in a tiny plastic shopping cart. I took to calling him Bubbles. Mrs. LIAYF didn't like that.

  8. I don't watch either show. Thanks for keeping me in the loop as far as I need to be to survive.

    Damn, you do have a way of tickling my funny bone. No one does it quite like you, HM.

  9. We flew through The Wire. Fucking great show. We tried to watch The Walking Dead, but my wife is too squeamish for that kind of thing. SIGH.


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