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Friday, February 12, 2010

Today I: Confession.

Today is the first time I've ever participated in Fatherhood Friday at  The theme this week is confession.  I must confess, It Was A Good Day.

Got up at five am (that's right), got everyone out the door on time.  Including the dog.

Got home, started laundry, practiced walking with the Pumpkin Man.  He holds me up by my hands til I get tired and go Whoops! on my bum.

Played some rough and tumble time with both kids.  They kicked my ass.

Played one of my favorite games with the Peanut.  She takes a finger full of Desitin, tells me I'm a pretty princess and that I have to get ready for the princess ball, dips a clean finger into the Desitin, and then proceeds to ever so gently and deliberately apply the Desitin make-up to my face.  I always feel so Goddamn pretty afterwards.  And my face is diaper rash free.

Reading time

Started packing for our weekend away in the frozen north (which oddly right now could be Georgia, but it's not.)

More laundry.

Called my wife's cell phone while she was working and sang 4 verses of Michael Jackson's I Can't Help It into her voice mail.  Game.  I gots it.


Picked up wife.  Got home and had to fight rush hour traffic to go back into the city and get the flowers I sent that the receptionist failed to mention to my wife.   She didn't realize it was flowers.  I guess the word Flowers in a huge stylized logo on the front of the box didn't hip her to it.

Trader Joe's

Got home late, made dinner for 2 cranky kids under 3 with both of them in my arms; got them each to bed with a distinct lack of drama.  Oh yeah, it's good day and it ain't over yet.

Made a separate dinner of fried haddock and fries for my wife and I.  Delicious.

Blogged this bragginess.

Finished laundry and almost finished packing to follow.  Still working.  And liking it.

They call me the Homemaker Man
I guess that's what I am.

P.S. This was a good day. It has been butressed by many of the classic long or rough ones homemakers can have. I just felt like bragging a little for Fatherhood Friday. Sort of to celebrate it, I guess. Alright, I'll go.


  1. Flower and a separate dinner? Your wife is lucky.

  2. And of course by flower I meant flowers. :P

  3. Dude r u for real? I want video of this.

  4. What a feeling, keep believing!
    You are a true happy homemakerman~
    Great weekend guys!

  5. Not to be a bitch, ladies -- but it was a dozen long-stemmed red roses. And this doesn't even mention the night before =)

    Sorry to all of you who aren't married to my husband.

  6. OMG! Your not a husband, your Superman and Cassanova all rolled into one! Lucky wife!

  7. Good gawd, man!

    Now no man will measure up. You've ruined it for me.

    Damn you! Damn you to hell!

  8. You have officially found the best way to get the chicks to dig you. Forget walking with a baby or a puppy. Housework, feeding and watering toddlers, playing with them, too. Singing to, spoiling & cherishing your wife AND cooking? Single men everywhere take heed!!

    Thankfully I've got a good one, too I wouldn't trade... although his singing leaves a bit to be desired ;)

  9. I've got a good one as well.

    homemaker man, you and those like you are a dying breed from what I hear.

    Glad it was a good day.

  10. And uh, I played Bubble Bobble with a side of Super Mario...which one of us is the better homemaker? All evidence points to you. Happy V-Day H.M. & Tumbleweed, and of course, to Pumpkin and Peanut too!

  11. The Boyfriend thinks he's the man if he puts away a few dishes after I washed them. I'm going to make him read this when he gets home.

    I've said it before and I'll say it again, Homemaker Man, you rock.

  12. How are you up at five and manage to do all that stuff without taking a nap during the day?

    I need a nap. Like a two hour nap. Then by the time I wake up it's time for dinner but I'm far too groggy to cook so we eat at Burrito Barn or have popsicles. This happens every night.

  13. h-Nah, I'm lucky.
    bt-Fo' Realz yo. Like I said, this was a particularly good day.
    L-Thanks for the poem, keed.
    T-I' blushing
    Eva-Just a guy having a good day.
    F.Liar-On the down side, i'm short.
    B-Nope. They broke the mold.
    peg-I love that giving the kids dinner was phrased as "feeding and watering toddlers." Hilarious
    C-Not true. There are more of us all the time.
    Viv-you;ve got 6 beautiful healthy kids. I think you're kicking my ass.
    S.L.-While I appreciate it, you said you'd make him read the avatar review too. I don't need that kind of resent.
    Amanda-Sometimes, I put the kids in the play room, all safe and child proof, lay down on the floor in there, and take cat nals. 10 min or so here or there. It works for me. I love burritos and popsicles.


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