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Friday, February 26, 2010

The State of Homemaker Healthcare

Today at my house we had our own 6 hour healthcare debate.  

On my side of the aisle, I had a plan for my children's healthcare to which my opponents--said children--strenuously objected.  This plan included steps to make spending more efficient and make preventative medicine a higher priority.  The plan called for bold and immediate reforms like Eating your Lunch and Taking a Nap.  Or as my opponents  called it, “sleep socialism.”  

As the Senator from the great state of Toddler Hysteria  put it, “It starts out with all of us sharing a nap and the next thing you know, Russian tanks are steaming down Main St. !"  

Typical sound-bite scare tactics.  Though, I'll admit, I was thrown briefly for a loop.  I was surprised that they knew that Russians were ever a threat; what Russians are; of the existence of tanks, or the anachronistic term “steaming.”  Nothing really steams anymore unless you've got hot food or you’re going to the bathroom outside in the cold.  But I digress.

My opponents are, in point of fact, threatening a sleep filibuster, their third of the week, if I don’t put an immediate hold on on this "ridicyou-us" idea.  I have countered by implying that I will circumvent their filibuster with certain parliamentary techniques.  Like "keeping you up a little later," "threatening to close your door," and in the case of an impassible impasse, benadryl.   The last one is a bluff.  This administration is proudly anti-baby drugging.  For now.

They have demanded I pledge both not to use any of these techniques and to scrap my original plan if I want them to commit to the debate.  I called for a time-out. 

 We're voting on it . . . I am vetoing the majority "no time-out provision."  There is screaming.  

It seems I will have to move forward on my health-care initiative without bi-partisan support.  I will have to use a large part of the surplus coffee from the Homemaker stimulus plan to push things through.  

Politics ain't what they used to be.

Homemaker Man

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P.S.  I was not surprised that they knew the term "socialism." All toddlers are crazy right wing extremists (anti-sharing) and therefore have received their talking-points memo.



  1. Sleep? Dude! The only things that sleep here are my dogs and cats...lucky f*#kers. Eating, as you might have guessed from my last post, isn't a problem here. ;)

  2. Hi. Do you clean floors? Will you live with me? I will pay you in gum.

  3. No movement on the "eat your veggies" platform either, I take it.

  4. Awesome post. And always nice to meet a fellow Bay State dad.

  5. Hmmm....why our country is in trouble...our Senators act like 3-year-olds...

  6. I can't believe I wrote "but I digress." Duh.

    Is it cheating for me to take that out at this point?

  7. Can't tell you how much I loved this post...and how much it sounds like my week. My win right now is that if my kids are naughty I can threaten to take away showers, brushing teeth and vitamin and they go crazy...the love those things...although one day it'll come back to bite me when they decide I can take those away and then I'm in trouble...

  8. I see no way of bringing these two sides together in agreement. Reform will have to be pushed through some other way, a la secretly cooking veggies into their brownies or something. Don't tell the Russkies.

  9. Hilarious post. Stopping by for the first time. Think I'll make myself comfortable.

  10. The Holmes- I'm pretty sure doing that to brownies is against the geneva convention.

    James-Thank you for coming by. Please make yourself comfortable. Feet OFF the sofa.

  11. By the Lords of Kobol, man... If you had a fan club I'd join -- even if it had a $19.95 annual fee and one had to pay S&H on the newsletter!


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