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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Busy Busy Busy

Hey folks. 1st order, thank you very much to those of you that have read and/or voted for me in the Knucklehead Blog-Off Rd 1.  Voting for round one ends tomorrow. I am very grateful. You, on the other hand, are now obligated to continue voting for the rest of the competition. It's in the by-laws or something.

Second, There is this about cats, death, and truth:

Well, the cat's dead. Was she the best cat ever? That is a childish question. And yes. Empirically. If you want, leave a comment and I'll email you the documentation. I'm not here to eulogize the cat though. That's over on Cat Fancy's dead cat of the month page. 

The P-Nut turns 4 in April. She's getting pretty hip to what's going on. Including the fact that the cat--Xiu Xiu (zhu-zhu) the Eldest--had disappeared.

We had to have The Conversation. 

Read more at DadCentric . . .  


  1. Tease.

    RIP in regards to your pussy.

  2. so...are you gettin Pnut another cat?

  3. RIP* so sorry!
    Hope the conversation went well!

  4. I know! I always thought pimping was awful. Doing it in my big comfy chair makes it so much easier to be annoying.

    Heading over to read sorry for the family's loss.

  5. I had to have the conversation about death with my 5yo not that long ago. It was about people though because her mom and I had to attend a funeral. I wrote about on my blog, check it out if you get the rare spare moment. I had a hard time with the conversation myself, so any advise here on your blog, would help a lot of us I'm sure.

  6. i hate it when pets die. that's a real assholey thing they do.

    ps: i voted.

  7. Very much enjoyed the cat story over on DadCentric. I even left a comment that was sincere. (I think. It was yesterday. I forget what I said.)

    Are we allowed to vote more than once over at Knucklehead?

  8. So sorry that your yoda cat died. Really, truly am :-(


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