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Friday, January 8, 2010

An Award? For me? You better believe it.

Check it, my first award.  I received it from Brittany over at Unexpected Surprises.  She gave it to me because of all the blogs she reads I am her, "favorite male blogger. " Pretty heady words.  I did some research.  It seems I am the "only male blogger," Brittany reads.  You know what I say to that?   I got an award!  Thank you to Brittany.  Who, by the way, is a talented artist and who also happens to be doing a give away of her art on her blog right now.

The rules are I have to list ten things-in no particular order- that make me happy and then pick a few bloggers to award.

My wife  and kids being the obvious choices, and a little ass kissy, lets see if I can go a different direction.

1.  Doritos.  They also make me sad because I've never found a bag that doesn't run out.

2.  Watching my 70 lb dog freeze up and refuse to move because my 9 1/2 lb siamese is yelling at her.

3.  Michael Jackson's Off The Wall.  I know who he is and everything, but that album is fucking great, and that's that.  Also, he's dead now, so it's all good.

4.  Our new TV.  In comparison the old one was like watching stuff through a grimy 4 inch think 40 year old submarine porthole.  The new one is like watching stuff through heaven.

5.  Making my wife laugh so hard soda shoots out her nose.  That doesn't count.

6.    In # 2 I lied about my cat's weight.  She's more like 10 or 11 lbs.   I'm sorry. Please forgive me.

7.  Forgiveness

8.  O Magazine

9.  My Wife

10.  My kids

Shit.  I tried but the fact is I just keep thinking of things like the first time my kids actually played together or the fact that The Peanut ends 60% of her sentences with the word "honey." Like she's a 50 year-old, tough-as-nails exterior'd diner waitress with a giant beehive and a heart of gold.  Or that despite the fact that the Pumpkin man cries at the drop of a hat sometimes-he's kind of a bitch, really-he never stops throwing himself about wildly, searching for his next thrill, and always leading with his giant head.

Or when I pick up my wife from work and I get a kiss and a great story about her day.   What can I say, I'm a sucker.

Thanks again to Brittany.  And when I say this is my first award, I mean it.  I'm up for a Tony.  Best performance of a Chorus Line's "Dance: Ten; Looks: Three," by a dude alone in his car.  I nail that shit.

If you don't know the song, just watch until about the 25-30 second mark or so. You'll get the idea.

I will now hand out this award to 4 people.  These are mostly people who have small blogs and who are either family or friends.  So's not to hurt anyone's feelings out there.

Tumbleweed at Lap Noodles .  She is my wife and she is brilliant and everyone should read her stuff.

TekieTek at The Salt Shaker .   This is my cousin and one of my family's favorite people in the world.

Viv at A Proud Mom To Many .  Viv is just the best.  And if you want to read stories about a lovely family where CRAZY shit goes down sometimes, read Viv.  Crazy.  Shit.

Candice at Life According to Candice .  Candice is hilarious and has a lot of followers and probably gets a ton of these awards and probably hates them. But she was one of the first people to comment regularly and make me feel like someone liked what I wrote.  So fuck her, she gets one.

Flushed with a sense of accomplishment,

Homemaker Man

P.S.  The cat might be closer to 12 lbs.  Again, I am sorry.

Update:  P.P.S.  I know there are rules about how people are supposed to pass these things on to other people.  I don't feel comfortable with that so for those that take the button for their blog, do it however you want to do it.  Making the happy list is fun, though.


  1. I'm applauding. Or throwing up. I confuse easily.

  2. Yeah! Congratulations on getting you very first award! These things can be awfully confusing at times, but you get through them! It's when you have to award 15 that things get a bit sticky! I usually go for the lesser known or people that have just started out with fewer followers to hand out awards to.
    Congrats again, and very loud applause!

  3. :)))) BTW I read MANY male blogs! I'm serious...

    If you want there links i'll be happy to pass them on! My blog roll to the side was posted when I first started blogging :) I'll update soon so you dont think i'm a big fat liar! :)

    and.. YOU'RE welcome!!!!

  4. Congrats!
    I like chubby cats~
    Great weekend to all!

  5. I'm all about 'Dance 10 Looks 3'. I know every word of that song. I can't believe I just admitted that

  6. Hey, congrats on your award! But passing it along to Candice of all people? Like her ego needs THAT!

    Just kiddin' Candice. You know I luvs ya.

  7. Viv!- You're the best.

    AHAU-Either way, music to my ears.

    Alice-Thank you!

    B-Just teasing B. And thank you again.

    Lenore-Thanks! If that's true, you would Love Cordelia. Check out the description on the side bar . . .

    Sara-Hi. Thanks for reading and commenting. There is NO shame in that. " Where the cupboard once was bare. Now you knock and someone's there." That is good $h!!

    KH-I just did because I figured we'd all get a good rant out of it.

  8. Hello! Found you through Viv's very gracious introduction and hope you don't mind a new follower.

    looking forward to getting to know your blog :)

  9. Hi. Thank you and welcome. Have I mentioned that Viv is the best? Also, she's given to wild fits of hyperbole, I think.

  10. I loved A Chorus Line. Was this from the Broadway production? No. Couldn't be. Where did you get it? She's terrific naturally, her name is Jessica after all

  11. Who doesn't? I would drown my own, fruity, only child of a divorce sorrows in quiet living room renditions of "At the Ballet," all the time.

    He'd say, "Maggie, do you wanna dance?

    And I'd say, "daddy, I would Loooove toooo."

    And it was the broadway production. The ensemble cast featuring none other than the great Mario Lopez.

  12. You made me choke on my coffee, with "the great Mario Lopez."

  13. Viv!-as long as you didn't spill any

    hadjare-Thank you!

  14. *Takes a bow*

    *Wipes tears from her eyes*

    *begins her acceptance speech but cannot find the words*

    *wipes another tear*

    *apologizes for being too emotional*

    *starts speaking again*

    =) I am very honored to be a favorite person!!


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