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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Happy Bday Peanut

My daughter turned 3 years old yesterday.  For her 3rd bday, she got the same thing my ol' man got me.  A job.  Time to start earning her keep.  Those tiny, nimble fingers can really wind a bobbin.  7 cents a piece!

We took her to the carnival on sunday and the zoo yesterday.  Really fun.  The carnival was amazing, she laughed and yelled her way through all the kiddy rides and while we grabbed a snack she started eyeballing the rides with names like the Freak Out or the Death Knell or Puppy Killer or The Aneurysm, which was always my favorite.  Me I like rollercoaters, but the rides that make you dizzy, well, I’m a puker. And I found that out the hard way on something called the sizzler or maybe the rattlesnake.  Either way, I managed to puke over the side from 20 feet up.  Way to impress a date.  No puking for the Peanut though.

The zoo was very nice  We saw Silver back Gorillas and a Lion and 2 Tigers .  She was a bit of a pain in the ass, as the number one thing on her to do list was the zoo playground.  Which was not a spectacular playground.  I offered to let her slide down a giraffe's neck, but then a bunch of official looking dudes started milling around and mumbling things like  "harassment" and "animal cruelty" and "endangering a child" and "felony."  Some people.  All they want to do is ruin a little girl's birthday.   I'll just lie to her about it later.

As someone once said, "find joy in your children, and make their happiness your happiness. Because once you have kids, your own joy and happiness is over."

Happy birthday, my tiny, perfect, little girl.  I love you like crazy and you amaze me every single day.




  1. Is the someone who said that you? Because that is my new favorite quote.

    I'm glad she had a fun birthday weekend...and keep her winding those bobbins, she can pay for college that way. ;)

  2. New-ish parents should remember not to up the ante too early. If you take her to the carnival and the zoo on her 3rd birthday, you are committed to something at least as exciting on subsequent birthdays. At least. This becomes quite a problem, as you will see when you are renting out the Copacabana for her Sweet 16.

  3. Three! Happy Birthday Peanut! Do you graduate from "Toddler" to "Preschooler" at that age?

  4. Such a great birthday! And both the carnival and zoo! Now it's my turn to be jealous.

  5. Happy birthday Peanut! Lukas is not far behind. There is a dearth of nearly 3yo girls here in Seattle, so perhaps we can arrange a marriage in about 17 years.

    What kind of dowrey would she be offering?

  6. I have some Siamese twin African Zebra's I got from a "friend" in Jersey a couple months ago. Your daughter is welcome to visit...

  7. Awww - Happy Birthday Peanut!!!

  8. They grow so fast...cherish the moments!
    before you know it, it's going to be prom night!!
    Happy B'Day! Hugs*

  9. Wait... a zebra with two heads? I was going to write Peanut well wishes and say something witty about sliding down giraffe necks, but then Amanda said something about Siamese Twin Zebras and I was too amazed at the mental image of it, that all my witty giraffe comments disappeared.

    Seriously!? Two heads!? I want a picture!

    No wait, Peanut needs a picture!

  10. Birthday posts are the best posts to read in my opinion. Happy Birthday.

  11. Happy birthday to the Peanut! You sure know how to show a girl a good time. Nothing like the Puppy Killer on a third birthday!


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