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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

This is the best motherf*cking thing you've ever read. For realz

Is my three year old daughter a genius?  That question can only realistically be answered with a yes.  Where does she get it?  That question can only be realistically answered with a "from her mother."

My daughter wrote her first haiku today.  In the car on the way to my wife's work.  It is whimsical and lovely and it was my wife who realized exactly what we were hearing.  She then translated it and posted on her blog.  You will find it at this link.  Right here.  I am flush with vicarious accomplishment.  If anyone wants me, I'll be at the craft table with Kit Culkin, Dina Lohan, and Joseph Jackson.


  1. Of course Peanut is brilliant!

    What illustrious company.

  2. Can peanut please give me a block of instruction on what the hell a haiku even is?

    I evidently skipped that week of class.


  3. :) that was perfect. I think you should print that up and put it in a frame! BEAUTIFUL!

  4. For realz, that was the most beautiful motherf*cking I've ever read. And that craft table? Probably some pretty scary conversations.

  5. Smiling in Le Petit Village! She needs to write that in crayon and you need to stick it in a frame immediately!

  6. Brilliant. My daughter also gets her brains from her mother. She gets her temper and athletic skill from dad.


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