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Thursday, June 24, 2010

I Left My Head and my Heart on the Dance Floor

So says Lady Gaga in the Telephone song.  My three year-old daughter's second favorite musical artist--and--song.  After Michael Jackson and Don't Stop Til You Get Enough.

"I want the Don't Stop song daddy, play the don't stop song."

With Lady Gaga, it's worse.  She can actually sing the entire refrain.  Complete with the dramatic placement of her hand on her head and then over her heart as she sings the lyrics.

I don't know what to say.

I guess I should expect as much from a person who is currently walking around the house in her underwear, her skin self-adorned with bold slashes from four different markers, while wearing a pink-fleece winter hat, complete with pompoms, and a terry-cloth yellow bib emblazoned with a typically, wild-eyed, ravenous Cookie Monster.  She looks like a Knight of the Schizophrenic Round Table.  So why not some Lady Gaga?

I'n not bashing the good Lady.  I find her songs are pretty catchy and her theatrics amusing.  Not the prettiest pop star in the green room, but I think that speaks in her favor as a performer.

My daughter's third favorite artist?  Raffi.

Now that is a creepy dude.


In other news, I took my first mid-term in 15+ years on tuesday. I'll get the results today.  I was pretty stressed out about it, I can tell you now.  I could't tell you about it before because I was busy studying and freaking out and yelling at people and recreating the mirror scene from Apocalypse Now.

In my youth, I would've just let go and done poorly on the test and smoked some weed (or vice versa) and gone to a movie.  Can't do that now.  Now I have to like, try and shit.  Unfortunately, I'm kind of an all or nothing sort person.  At least until I get my feet under me (Repeat after me:  Idon'thatemathIdon'thatemathIdon'thatemathIdon't . . .).

If I score well on the mid-term, the rest of the class will go pretty smoothly.  If not, then it's a journey into the Heart of Darkness; Fundamentals of Algebra edition.

I wish Marlon Brando were my professor.  That'd be awesome.

I'm sure I'll be posting the score, good or bad, tomorrow, for anyone who is curious.  Oooh, math test scores.  Compelling.

Yours in Kurtz.

Homemaker Man

You want to go about 4:30 in for the mirror scene, I think.


  1. That Lady Gaga is kinda catchy if you don't have to look at her! lol

  2. Lady GaGa is the AntiChrist; Raffi, the Antipasto.

  3. Sounds like it's never boring in your house. I'm still trying to see how you go from a Vintage 70s Michael Jackson song to Lady Gaga (ANY of her songs). I'm sure that's an interesting trip all in itself.

  4. Play her KISS Alive! She'll thank you later.

    Okay, maybe not.

  5. Thankfully, my son know neither. I like it that way.

    Good luck with the math. Uh, I don't hate it either...

  6. THE HORROR! THE HORROR! (An oft quoted line around here from Apocalypse Now -- one that finds too many appropriate moments.A)

    OK, I have to share a link, bc it's a Raffi story from when our boys were in their Raffi stage. This will go down as a favorite piece of family lore.

    Oh, and musical tastes around here make one's head spin, so I get all of those transitions. :)


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