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Monday, June 14, 2010

Hi Everybody. I've been distracted.

Sorry I've had that last post up so long.  This one's going up now because my wife told me she was sick of looking at it.  Which is the same way she got rid of my beard.

We've been busy here in the heart of South Central (New England).  I started my first class.  Math.  I'm already stuck and frustrated.  On a homework question.  Half way through chapter three.  Of The Fundamentals of Algebra.  Impressive, I know.

I blame the teacher.  He refused to let me do my homework by giving it to him to do.  Very old school type.  Also, it's a morality thing.  Any equation where you can just pick any number and plug it in has to be bullshit.  Remind anyone of our financial system?  Only completely.  I won't be a party to criminal behavior like that.  Other types, I'm open to suggestions.

Add to that the alarming fact that the Pumpkin Man spiked a 103.5 fever over the weekend, and you get . . .well,  I don't know what you get because I'm stuck on a question in chapter 3 of the Fundafuckingmentals of Algebra.  I get frustrated and then obsessed and then I don't vacuum for 3 days and The Peanut has had that chocolate milk mustache for almost as long.  No, I bathe them.  Society is very judgmental and so is my wife.  Not really about my wife, too.

Where was I?  Sick kid.  The Pman woke up at 5:15 am saturday morning with the fever, we called the doctor, kept an eye on him for a while, gave him ibuprofen.  The doc called back a second time (our pediatrician is the shit) and advised we bring him in for a look.

Much to the Pumpkin Man's chagrin, that look at the doc's office turned into a catheterization.  That'll teach him.  Get sick on the weekend, you get a tube in the pee hole.

His fever was down on sunday and by today, he was back to his old, loud, rambling, hilarious self.  So anyone out there struggling with a sick toddler, I highly recommend the ol' tube in the pee hole cure.  Works every time.

Pulling things back together,

Homemaker Man


  1. Glad things are looking up. Can't help you with the Algebra thing....I took it way back on the abacus!

  2. Does that work for grown ups too? Clear the pipes and all that... maybe it'll get your brain juices flowing?

    Good luck, math was never my forté, and I'm a finance girl for a living.

  3. Hey, I just started my math class...Beginning Algebra...yep, it's 090...not even in the 100 gives me headaches...and my Dad thinks I should (now) go into accounting...

  4. Not the tube in the pee pee hole! Poor poor P-Man!

  5. I'm wincing.

    I provide help with math. I love Algebra. My oldest is not a math brain and I pulled him through it.

    But you're right - plugging just any value you want into "x"? Morally questionable, to say the least...

  6. Poor kid! That's brutal.

    Algebra tip: When in doubt, X=8.

    You're welcome.

  7. Hope the p man is feeling better by now !

  8. I hope everyone is feeling better and your wife was right... Thought I'd add that in since it's true :)

  9. Good thing you waiting til the end to mention the tube in the pee hole. I wouldn't have been able to read the whole thing with that mental picture.

  10. Poor baby~ glad things are looking up though!
    I must agree with wife...I think she is always right! haha*
    ps:Thanks for the poem link!


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