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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thursday's Random Bull$h!t

Have I ever done a weekly wrap-up? No. Can one post a weekly wrap up on a thursday? Depends. Back in my early 20's, my week wrapped up around tuesday, so yes. 

I have lost 19 lbs. 19! Had a doctor appointment the other day and I weighed in 19 lbs. less than I did 3 short months ago. That's a whole bra size. How'd I do it? Green tea and positive thinking. And incredible amounts of amphetamines. 

I kid of course. That positive thinking crap is ridiculous. 

(Recumbent bike and so, SO many low-carb, low-fat veggie wraps. So many. I'l kick a lavash bread in the nuts. But it's working, so I'll continue.)

Also, getting ready for My Wife to have surgery next week. Not to worry. Nothing life threatening. Except for the fucking surgery. Do I seem nervous?  Bah. 

Once it's all done and she's home safe and sound, I'l let you folks in on the nature of it. Here's a hint: The 6 Million Dollar Man. 

Who in this day and age would've cost 450 million dollars and then would've fallen pray to a virus in week 2. Steve Austin, crashing your hard drive.


Oy, the yelling. Loud frustrated bursts. Raw throated exhaultations to "pleeease stop!" Red faced, chest-heaving exclamations at triple digit decibel levels. I don't know how the kids stand me.

I've been yelling too much lately. Way too much.

Read more over at DadCentric, if you please. 



  1. We're like the Skinny Twins! I've lost 18 since the start of the year. I used magnets, massage therapy and eating less.

    Best to the Mrs.

  2. Skinny Twins. Wowzer. I'm so proud I could just bust an ankle. Oh wait, I may have already done that. Still not sure.

    Sending lots of positive thoughts your way. For her, not you, ya dolt.

  3. Was it really green tea and cutting out carbs? I need to lose a couple but I live in France, how am I supposed to cut out carbs? The air is made out of bread. It's true.

  4. that's inspiring....I really have to work on it.

  5. Hey, congrats on the weight loss. And I wish your wife the best of luck during surgery.

    Or maybe it's the doctors I should be wishing the luck to.

    Whatever, good luck to everybody.

  6. Am I the only Dad Blogger whose getting fatter? Congrats on your loss.

    And what is she getting, sound activated super sight??

    I hope all goes well.


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