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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Back to School, Homemaker Style

I am going back to school.

I got my letter today.  I was officially Accepted.  To Community College.  I know.  I'm impressed, too.  To get in, you actually have to technically be alive.

Which I am.  Barely.

Eventually, I am going to get a nursing degree.  They have a two-year R.N. program which I will complete in a mere 4 1/2 to 5 years.  I am that good.

I've got some prerequisites to fulfill and I'm going to go part time.  When the kids are attending school full time, I will be ready to nurse.  I mean work.  I'm actually ready to nurse right now.  The Pumpkin Man is greedy.

I have been in-and-out-and-back in-and-back out of college before, but despite my 1.7 years worth of credits spread over 4 years time, I'm still nervous.  Go figure.

I've never been a big school guy.  Some classes I enjoy so I excel.  Others, I don't like, or I find them boring, or stupid, or I don't like the teacher, or there is too much homework, or I'm not good at math, or the other kids are mean, or I HATE ALGEBRA AND I JUST CAN'T DO IT MOM, ALRIGHT?!  Jeez.

Sorry.  Flashback.  Excuse me.

I'm not good at math though, and the field is full of it.

But, there were some minor complications (gestational diabetes) during my wife's pregnancies and when the Peanut was born, there were some early breast feeding issues, and then the Peanut has the being skinny problem along with a urinary reflux issue.  So, we've talked to a lot of nurses and I found them inspiring.

The dedication, compassion, humor, and intelligence with which they do their jobs made me want to do it too.  Not to mention that I will look fabulous in a white skirt or blue scrubs.  Both colors are very complimentary for my skin tone.  And I'm not afraid of blood.  And I should do well with the patients because I prefer the majority of my relationships to be intense and really really short.

And if I'm lucky, I will snag myself a rich doctor and he will support me, my wife, and our kids in the manor to which we will have quickly become accustomed to for the rest of our lives.

I start in the spring.  I wonder how many 36 year old men will be in the nursing classes.  Probably at least 8.

Wish me luck,

Homemaker Man


  1. Hi, first time commenter and I just had to laugh :) My husband has also started back to school to get into nursing (just got on the waitlist as he fisnishes his other AA classes). So there is another male, a couple years older then 36 trying to get into the program. Too bad you arn't at the same school :) So far he is the only one. All the other males in his prereqs are going into Physical Therapy it seems. I will love reading about your trials. Those science classes are killer. I might have some books I could sell you :) Oh and I found you through Viv.

  2. Thank you for reading and for the comments. Good luck to your husband. I checked out your blogs (and left a comment) and it sounds like he is doing pretty well. I hope I match him.

  3. You will be a good nurse because you care about people and want to help them; at the end of the day, that's all that matters... and that you get someone to double-check your work for the first 5 years ^^,

    Just kidding. You'll do fine.


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