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Monday, November 30, 2009

Short Post 1

3 things:

My wife is still sick so we're going to the doctor's.  I'm going to have myself euthanized.

My daughter is filled with rage.

When you are 36 and fat and have just eaten, chasing your daughter around the house for a half hour stopping only to do multiple turn sock-enabled pirouettes (no spell check) on the kitchen floor can really knock a person out.


  1. A two year old can knock anybody out, I have a friend who runs marathons, but, reguarly gets his ass kicked by his toddler.

  2. Came from Aion. I love your blog and i 'm following you. Hope you vist mine.
    Hav a lovely day!

  3. Viv- Yeah, they are forces of nature. They can make you feel so weak at times. Like you have tb or something.

    Betty-Thanks very much. I visited your blog. It is really lovely. Those photos of Bruges are fantastic.

  4. Omg you make me laugh without fail almost every day. Congrats on making it through the big thirty day posts and totally sucky about the wife. :( My husband was super sick for a day on his birthday a couple weeks ago and I wanted to run away to the circus and leave the toddler with him. The baby...she's easy...I mean most of the time.

  5. hadjare-Thank you. They told her it could be worse, so that is good. I think leaving a toddler with a sick person was a Guantanamo interrogation technique


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