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Monday, November 16, 2009

Religion, Sex, and Sleeplessness

I'm trying to write something here but a new Lopez Tonight just came on and talk about distracting.  His show has similar energy to Arsenio Hall's old show, only better!  Where has that Arsenio gone, anyway?  I thought he'd shine forever.

Exhausted tonight.  The Peanut had 3 unprovoked wake-ups last night.  Let me put that another way.  I woke up from a sound sleep three times last night because my daughter needed her blankets fixed and a single sip of water.  If she wakes up tonight, she get the hose.

I'm a shit talker. If she wake up tonight she gets the same thing she always get.  A grumpy daddy who will shuffle in to her room and give her whatever she wants as long as she stops crying about it.

Ok, this next thing is sort of about religion and sort of about sex.  At least it's about sex before I was married (true for a couple of brief periods during, too), and religion as I think most people see it.

While not religious, I believe in the power of religion to do good and the right of everyone to practice-or not-whatever religion they choose.  It's a strong belief of mine.  So if I am approached on the street by someone passing out religious literature, I stop.  And if they ask me what I believe and why or who is my personal lord and savior, I tell them this:

To me, God is like vagina.
I never see it, but I'm pretty sure it exists,
and it controls everything I do.


Something more interesting tomorrow, I hope.

Homemaker Man


  1. Between my two little girls, I am getting up no less than three times every night and it is kicking my ass.

    I tried a half dozen times to leave a comment about you going back to school, but, my kids and cats need my attention most when they see me start to type, so...Congrats, you are far more brave than I am. I'm pretty sure that any type of higher education right now would be the straw that broke the camel's back for me.

    Your wife's blog is awesome too! One day, I'll remember to comment there, but, I started reading after she shared her story about wearing her mom's gold coke spoon.

    We spent 6 hours at the ER tonight, so please forgive my lack of coherency.

  2. Thank you. But . . . you spent 6 hours in the ER with your children, and you don't have time to comment on my blog? Or my wife's? Weak, viv. What is more important, your children or talking to strangers on the internet? Priorities!


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