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Sunday, January 31, 2010

I'm Dating Again!

That is right world.  My wife and I went out last night.  On a date.  By ourselves.  Where were the kids?

Who cares!

A good friend of ours offered to watch them so we made a break for it.  First time we've gone out by ourselves for more that an hour since before the P man was born.  We don't have a lot of people around we can trust with the kids.  I'm looking at you, most of our family.

We went and saw Avatar.  It.  Was.  Great.  Visually just . . . look, the script was horrible.  Garbage.  Horrible garbage.  But the movie was so beautiful that we just didn't care.  And I mean the script was really  bad.  Every white corporate bad guy vs. noble savage, evil coyboy vs. good indian cliche possible was stuffed into it.

I swear at one point one of the bad guys tossed a soda bottle out of his gun ship.  It twirled down down down through the air to land in a tangle of multi-colored jungle brush below.  Then you saw one of the Na'vi (native peoples) standing there while one tear rolled slowly down his face . . .  

And do you still call it "foreshadowing" when one of the actors actually yells out the word"foreshadowing!"?  Sure, why not?    It was so visually stunning.   I am now convinced that they could accurately render the experience of taking hallucinogens on screen.  Hypothetically speaking, of course.

It's a little scary now,what they can make us see with a cheap pair of glasses and 200 + million dollars worth of CGI.   Go and see this in 3D if you can.  It's going to suck on DVD.

We had a ton of fun.  Ate a ton of overpriced movie junk food.  And didn't see our kids until 5:35 this morning.  Dating is so much fun.

I see you,

Homemaker Man


  1. Is your wife free tonight?

    And you pretty much summed up my expectations for Avatar.

  2. I haven't had a date in...oh, years maybe? Um, yeah. It's been awhile. My husband and I pass each other in the hallway, I'm getting up, he's going to bed. "Mornin'" and "G'night". That's the extent of our romance. And a movie theater?! I haven't been in a real live one for about 10 years. I hear they're amazing nowadays...

    My brother had the same impression of Avatar. He wasn't impressed. I heard somewhere that it was just the Pocahontas script, rewritten to include naked blue natives.

  3. Good for you guys! Glad that you got a little break. :)

    In town, my children have 4 uncles and an aunt, 3 great aunts, 1 great uncle, and their great grandparents...there have been times when I would have just about died to hear, "let me take the kids to the park for an hour," and yet, I don't.

  4. All the reasons I don't want to see Avatar confirmed, thanks for the backup, I'll be showing The Boyfriend your post. Plus I know I can't handle it in French, but then again, it might be better if I can't understand the dialogue.

  5. S.L. It was well worth going if you can see it in 3D. I promise. Just tune out and enjoy the colors, man.

  6. You don't stop at the dollar store to pick up cheap candy contraband prior to going to the movies?

    You need to learn a thing or two, my friend...

  7. Hope you had a great date! I hope that she will let you take her out again!
    This could be the start of something Big....

  8. Haha, wow, something is wrong with me because I seem to love cliches.... :o

  9. That was the best review of Avatar, ever.

  10. I saw your comment at Lenore Never More and I came over to say hi since your blogging name is so compelling : )

    Glad you had a fun date! I keep hearing wonderful things about this movie! SO fun!


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