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Friday, January 22, 2010

The Bakery

I took the kids for a lovely walk today.  The air was bracing and everywhere we looked there were glittering star bursts of sunshine on melting snow.  We went to the local bakery.  A small, busy establishment packed full of colorful pastries, varied and delicious enough to make a diabetic weep.

My baby boy the Pumpkin Man started fussing in his carriage.  I think the sight and smell of the cakes and pies and pizzas and cannoli assaulted his poor senses until he could no longer stand it.  I know how he feels.  His older sister, only 2 and 2/3 mind you, walked over to him and smiled and began to sing in a quiet lilting voice.  He met her gaze and grinned and became calm.

When I was finished with my purchases, I bent close to make sure they were secure and ready to head home.  This is what I heard my daughter sing:  "Big Pimpin', Spendin' Cheese . . . "



  1. Hahahahahahahaha!!!!

    I know just how you feel, though, it is *much* funnier when your kids do it!

  2. I left one of my kids in a bakery once. Not on purpose, of course...

  3. I can't believe you just made this tantalizing post about a bakery and didn't even say what you got. Bakery purchases tell a lot about a person. ;)

  4. BWAH HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!

    I love your kids!!

  5. :) Ha ha.. PRICELESS!

    I love the things that come out kids mouths!

  6. You won't let her listen to country, but you let her listen to rap????


  7. SL Yep. She's a charmer

    Viv! Shut up Viv.

    S.C. I would've killed to be left at the bakery as a child.

    h-There were calzones, a cookie monster whoopie pie, and an incredible chocolate cake with white butter cream frosting, topped by a chocolate ganache, and filled with chocolate custard. Oh yeah.

    J-Thanks! We're ok with'em

    B-Yeah, they're hilarious.

    t-Of course I let her listen to country. I'm just picky about the artist. Same with rap. Although with this one there were extenuating circumstances.

  8. don't kids just


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