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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Late night quickie/State of The Union

Their were a lot of laugh out loud moments. Lieberman's mopey applause.  Any time Tim Geithner is on camera ever.  

But the funniest moment:  When Obama mentioned ending don't ask/don't tell and the Joint Chiefs got that "we all just simultaneously received an ice cube enema" look .  Awesome.  The Mount Rushmore of awkward reticence.  Six powerful military leaders sitting there looking like they had botox injected into their spines and refusing to make eye contact with the president.  Hilarious.  I wish just one of them would've jumped to his feet and started applauding and cheering with complete abandon until he realized he was all alone and sunk sheepishly back into his seat while self-consciously straightening his uniform.  

Wait. No.  This was better.

Oops.  Gotta go.  The Peanut woke up and started screaming for her dragon.  Considering I have no idea what she means, this should be fun.


  1. Yeh, this is *not* one of Obama's finer ideas.

  2. Viv! I wouldn't chalk this up to one of Obama's ideas. There are a lot more people behind it than that.

  3. Would have been much better if two of them started making out.

    Since Lieberman is my hometown senator you should know, that is boiling over with enthusiasm for him.

  4. I missed it. What's the deal, we're gonna "out" all the gay soldiers?

  5. There is no way Obama would have said that in his SOTU address without first having cleared it with high-up members of the military. You don't succeed in Chicago politics by being an idealistic naif. There are many high-ranking generals, etc., who - even if they personally don't like the idea of homosexuality - are realizing that the continuation of the present policy is untenable.

    My favorite moment is when Obama essentially said, "WTF?" to the Supreme Court. That was just great.

    Also? Every time he gave that smile of his...oooh....I'm a fool for brainy charm.

  6. I missed it as well. Too busy strumming my ass off to guitar hero.

  7. Did you figure out what the dragon was?? hmm, that's interesting!! I, sadly, missed the address, sadly, because I was sleep deprived. I just didn't want to fall asleep and have to wake up and go upstairs and brush my teeth and yeah.. I'm tired and lazy :(


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