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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Art for art's sake.

I hope everyone enjoys my new title pic above. It's my house. You like the "bird"? Yeah, apparently I have deformed pterodactyls patrolling the skies of my neighborhood. They just hover around my house, you know. hoping for a bread crumb or a kind word or for me to take my eyes off of one of the babies for an instant so they can strike.

I made it, by the way. The whole picture. Mad construction paper skillz. It's sort of like I have the hand-eye coordination of a raccoon. Clever for an animal but it's really just annoying when I get in your trash. Oh, and that grassy, sun swept hill? Uh, no. Not in my neighborhood. In fact, that's probably like a 20 minute drive from where I live. That's what they call an artist's rendition. It's an art term.

The thing came about because I was doing craft time with my 2 year old daughter.

You think I'm bad? She's all like" no, no paper, just glue." And she is just painting glue on a paper plate for a half hour and then sticking random pieces of construction paper on it.

This is how that mess came out:



Homemaker Man


  1. Love the house...the bird is a sweet touch dude!
    What happened to the white picket fence???

  2. Are those hills, or do you really just need to mow the grass? ;)

  3. Lenorenevermore-The white picket fence was destroyed by a rampaging triceratops.

    Candice- Yeah, that's right. I "forgot" to mow. Just slipped my mind.

  4. Now dear, that's not kind. Stop picking on Ruby. She may have the brain of a dinosaur and the grace of a rhino, but she isn't a triceratops.

  5. You know what peanut would like? Get some paint brushes, glue, and sand. I did his with my kids, and we painted habitats. You can glue on cut-outs of animals. It's a blast.


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