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Sunday, October 18, 2009

My daughter the mimic

My two and a half year old daughter has a pretty good ability to mimic sounds. She already does a passable chicken and donkey and she's working on an elephant. She also does a great Daddy:

Me: "What's a chicken say?"

Her: Bawk Bawk!

Me: "And a donkey?"

Her: "Hee haw hee haw!"

And what does a Daddy say?

Her: "Son of a bitch!"

Me: "No honey, daddy says oh my goodness."

Her: "Oh my bitch!"

Yup. She's making up new blue phrases.

I am very chagrined.

My wife and I are both fairly well read and educated (rather, in my wife's case) people, but apparently we like the blue language a little too much. Or I do, anyway.

Since that incident, I've been trying to teach her to say things like "great Caesar's ghost!" or "by the power of Grayskull!" or "Holy Mackerel!" when she is searching for an exclamation, but it's spotty at best.

I'll keep trying (maybe she'll like "Crom!").

Of course, what I'm sure I'll end up with eventually is, "by the power of Grey Bitch!"

She has the power, apparently.

So, unfortunately because I will be making a serious (I mean it) attempt to watch my language, this space may be a little bluer than usual from time to time.


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Bonus Blog area!!!!

I drove the zamboni today, which it seems often inspires me to write Haiku. Here is one for today. I would've posted another one, but haiku should be printed in odd numbers apparently(according to my learned wife). Like the petals of a flower or the leaves on a tree. Fuckin' Japanese.

Here we go:

Our boy loves hockey.
That equipment costs how much?
Our boy loves soccer.



  1. "It's a freakin' bear Mom, a freakin' bear. Oh my freakin' gosh Mom, a big, huge, freakin' bear!"

    The above is a quote from my 3 year old at the zoo this weekend. Apparently my own efforts to curb my language are showing! *groan*

  2. At least it's only freakin. the peanut has, in fact, dropped the F bomb. I blame my wife for that one. It may very well not be her fault, but I'm blaming her.

  3. My daughter is stuck on the word Dammit and she uses it correctly. My wife does not say this word that often. As a SAHD, I say it every ten minutes. I'm torn between telling her not to say it and congratulating her on saying it at the right times.

  4. LOL...she sure has the power!
    Such a darling!
    ps: thanks for following my blog.
    Give her a hug for me okie*

  5. HAHA..she is a pistol. TIny girl after my own heart. And makes me so thankful our munchkin is a boy...and not a sassy little girl like me. LOL.


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